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WWE News: King Corbin has controversial opinion on AEW's target audience

Published Sep 29, 2019
Sep 29, 2019 IST

King Corbin and Cody Rhodes
King Corbin and Cody Rhodes

WWE Superstar King Corbin recently posted a comment on an Instagram post that was criticizing All Elite Wrestling for its recent controversial decisions. Corbin stated that AEW's target audience is people who criticize every little detail of a product.

AEW's woes

It has been a long while since All Elite Wrestling produced their first show Double or Nothing back in May. The event was a big hit, thanks to a packed card from top to bottom, a bloody fight between Cody and Dustin Rhodes, and Jon Moxley's shocking debut. The next major show, AEW All Out, took a big hit after it was announced that Jon Moxley had suffered an injury.

AEW is all set to debut its weekly show, Dynamite, starting October 2 on TNT. The past one week or so has seen the promotion getting into a string of controversies, with the most significant one being its UK TV deal. An Instagram page posted a picture that criticized All Elite Wrestling for its "constant microanalyzation".

The post garnered the attention of the recently crowned King of the Ring, WWE RAW Superstar King Corbin. Back in May, Corbin had taken a shot at AEW, when he was asked whether he would be watching the promotion's first show, Double Or Nothing. Corbin posted a comment to the picture criticizing AEW, and took a major shot at fans of the promotion.

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Corbin takes a shot at AEW fans

According to King Corbin, the ones who criticize every little aspect of a product are literally AEW's target audience. Check out the Instagram post and the screengrab highlighting Corbin's reply to the post.

Corbin's reply

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