WWE News Roundup: Former champion fires back at the company after being suddenly released, Top star comments on backstage heat on Braun Strowman

WWE Superstars Bayley and Ricochet
WWE Superstars Bayley and Ricochet

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we aim to bring you the biggest and most exciting stories from the world of sports entertainment. In today's edition, we look at news revolving around top names like Braun Strowman, Bayley, and Mandy Rose.

WWE released former NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose after she dropped her title to Roxanne Perez. The alleged reason behind her release was that the company did not want her using a paysite to show her raunchy pictures. Apart from that, we will also take a look at what Ricochet has to say about Braun Strowman's derogatory comments about 'cruiserweights':

#3. Ricochet on Braun Strowman receiving heat for his comments


Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman is known to cause trouble on social media, thanks to his comments. The Monster of all Monsters stirred the pot again when he stated that fans care more about heavyweight superstars like him and Omos instead of the 'flippy-floppy' superstars. Ricochet spoke about those comments while speaking to Digital Spy:

"I think the internet cares more about it than the wrestlers do," Ricochet said. "For the most part, everybody backstage, they just want to make something together. They want to make a work of art for you guys.''

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman had allegedly received a lot of backlash backstage for his comments. However, former US Champion Ricochet said that more people were more upset on the internet than in the locker room.

#2. Mandy Rose hits back at WWE after being let go


Speaking to the New York Post, Mandy Rose commented on her release from WWE. She said that she wasn't told that her posts on FanTime were the reason behind her being fired. She noted that WWE was fine with her posting a semi-nude photo on social media, so why release her based on her 'racy' pics on FanTime:

"What’s the definition of racy? The photo of me with two titles – I was completely naked underneath, that’s considered a racy photo, right?"

The Golden Goddess was the leader of the Toxic Attraction stable on NXT. She held the NXT Women's Championship for a long time and set the record for the longest reign with that title. Her release came as a massive shock, given how hard she was being pushed on the show.

#1. Bayley on why she attacked Becky Lynch on RAW XXX


The Role Model Bayley was set to go one-on-one against The Man Becky Lynch inside a steel cage on RAW this week. However, Bayley and her friends Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky brutally attacked Lynch before the match started. Bayley told Byron Saxton on RAW Talk why Damage CTRL attacked Lynch:

"I was supposed to be in a cage match because that's what Becky wanted? Am I supposed to do whatever Becky wants? No, I have a mind of my own, Dakota has a mind of her own, IYO has a mind of her own, we don't have to listen to anybody. We are called Damage CTRL, which means we are in control, okay?''

The former RAW Women's Champion further drilled the point by saying that she is unwilling to put her body on the line for a match that Becky Lynch wants to have. It is unknown whether the match will be rescheduled or if the fans will never get to see a steel cage match between these two former horsewomen of NXT.

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