WWE News: Seth Rollins apologizes to Will Ospreay for Twitter argument

The Architect has apologized
The Architect has apologized

What's the story?

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has taken to Twitter to apologise to NJPW's Will Ospreay for a tweet whereby The Architect suggested that he makes more money wrestling in WWE than Ospreay does in NJPW.

In case you didn't know...

Last week, the pair engaged in a Twitter spat that saw Ospreay say he's wrestled more matches than Rollins in 2019, with the WWE red brand's champion saying that if Ospreay wanted to compare numbers, they could compare bank accounts.

The argument all stemmed from Rollins posting a tweet stating that WWE is "the best pro wrestling on the planet" - which obviously garnered some attention from wrestlers outside WWE - including AEW's former WWE man Chris Jericho.

Ospreay interjected when Rollins insinuated that there wasn't a wrestler alive who could keep up with him, sparking the match number comparison. Rollins would also go on to call Ricochet a better version of Ospreay, and refer to the NJPW man as 'little' - which Ospreay would use in return and release t-shirts regarding.

The heart of the matter

Following their Twitter spat, WWE Universal Champion has taken to Twitter to apologise to Will Ospreay following a remark he made regarding how much they earn respectively. The Architect stated that, after having some time to cool off, it was "dumb" of him and "not in line" with his values - humbly remarking that he knew it wasn't the right thing to say, but that he was too stubborn for his own good.

What's next?

Well, will Ospreay respond? Only time will tell. Either way, while the spat was undoubtedly entertaining, it's nice to see The Architect reach out and try to mend the bridges that he, ahem, may have burned down.

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