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WWE News: Taz comments on Corey Graves and Booker T situation

Gary Cassidy
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Taz weighed in on the friction between Booker T and Corey Graves

What's the story?

Once again, it's the story that just won't go away - Corey Graves and Booker T. Is there real heat between them or is it a work?

On The Taz Show today, the former WWE commentator gave his thoughts on the matter, including the current commentary situation and who's in the right and who's in the wrong as the tension continues to rise between the former colleagues.

In case you didn't know...

It all started last week when WWE announced that they would be bringing back Jonathan Coachman as part of the RAW commentary team to allow Booker T to return to his original role as pre-show panellist.

Things took an interesting turn, however, on the most recent episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, when Booker T said Corey Graves is the reason he's no longer on RAW as people thought he was going to legitimately beat up Graves before challenging the former NXT Tag Team Champion to a fight.

Well, Corey Graves responded on Twitter before rubbing salt on the wound on RAW last night.

The heart of the matter

Former ECW World Heavyweight and FTW Heavyweight Champion Taz is perhaps best known for his CBS morning sports show Taz and the Moose, but he used his wrestling platform, The Taz Show, to discuss the situation today.

Taz said that, while he usually believes everything is a work (something he's previously been criticised for outside of wrestling), he believes this is all real - since there's no possible pay-off for the situation as Booker T has retired from in-ring competition, and Corey Graves retired due to injury and would be unable to compete.

I don't know what's going on with Corey Graves and Booker. You know me, people know me, my first instinct is, "Oh, it's a work" but this is not a work because neither of these guys are going to go wrestle each other.

The Human Suplex Machine also added:

I don't think it's a work, one iota. I read some of the things Booker has said and he's pretty hot.
Booker and Graves spent ten months together on WWE RAW

Taz said he heard the pair clash on air and assumed it was a work and either Vince or Triple H were playing the pair off each other.

There are a lot of things said at the announce desk that you don't take backstage, so who knows? Maybe these two guys had personal issues. It seems like they might have.

Booker T had expressed that he would be open to an in-ring return last week, but Corey Graves retired after suffering multiple concussions and would almost certainly not be cleared for in-ring work by WWE even if he did desire to do so.

Taz also commented on Corey's tweet yesterday.

He interpreted the tweet as, "You remove someone from battle before they remove you." and believes Corey implied that Booker was trying to get him out of the role and acted first.

I think both guys and pros and hopefully they work it out offline, maybe they had a phonecall together. If they are working everybody and they are going to do business together then that's cool, I'm hooked, I'm in. I don't think that's the case.

Taz also said that, while he likes him personally and thinks he's very talented, he was not a fan of Jonathan Coachman's return. Aside from not liking three-man boots in general, the former SmackDown commentator opined that Booker T brought credibility and in-ring experience whereas Coach did not - and said the current feel is now very "retro" and old.

The Human Suplex Machine heaped praise on Michael Cole and said he can get any commentator over, but also said Corey doesn't have as much credibility as Booker T or JBL, so Coach doesn't add and rather detracts from the commentary. The former ECW and WWE man also criticised WWE for not bringing through announce talent.

What's next?

Well, Taz spoke about it in length today and you'd have to believe that his expertise gives his opinion great credibility.

I guess any development may come this week if Booker T responds on the next episode of Heated Conversations or if either of the pair speak out on social media.

Author's take

It's still impossible to tell if this is a work or a shoot but I'd be inclined to take the lead from Taz on the situation. He knows the game better than most of us and knows Booker T very well, and has also worked with Graves on an ECW Network special last year.

It makes sense that Booker T is really mad at Corey Graves and not trying to work the audience, but we'll have to wait and see!

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