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WWE News: Update on other WWE Superstars leaving after Neville

Johny Payne
10.37K   //    19 Oct 2017, 02:50 IST

Cody Rhodes lashed out at WWE after quitting the company and heading to the indie circuit
Cody Rhodes lashed out at WWE after quitting the company and heading to the indie circuit

What’s the story?

As per Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, several other WWE Superstars are indeed looking to leave the company—with most of them reportedly reaching out to Cody Rhodes for advice on how to further their careers on the indies.

Additionally, regarding the Rotunda brothers’ (Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas) absence from WWE’s TV tapings over the past couple of weeks, Meltzer asserted that rumours of them walking out on WWE are untrue.

In case you didn’t know…

Recently, multiple WWE Superstars have been growing increasingly vocal about their displeasure with booking and creative, with several performers such as Austin Aries and Ryback publicly criticising the company.

One of the promotion’s blue-collared prospects, Neville is said to have walked away from tapings, owing to his disagreements with the manner of his booking and presentation in WWE.

The heart of the matter

The vast majority of professional wrestling fans and pundits have been speculating about more WWE Superstars taking Neville’s cue and leaving the promotion.

On that note, the pro-wrestling community has also been experiencing commodious rumblings about the aforementioned disgruntled performers allegedly contacting former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes for his advice on how to make a decent living outside the WWE.

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In reference to this, Meltzer noted that it would make sense for them to pursue Cody for his knowledge on the successfully doing so. Furthermore, he alluded that, as of this time, the Rotunda brothers haven’t walked out on WWE, despite not participating in television tapings in the last two weeks.

What’s next?

The next few weeks are likely to answer all our questions regarding the bevvy of performers aching to leave WWE. Sportskeeda will keep you updated on any further updates as they happen.

Author’s take

Regardless of several performers allegedly wanting out of the WWE, we ought to understand that the WWE is still very much at the top of the food chain in pro-wrestling and the biggest money-spinner in the game today.

The key issues that performers seem to be having with the company stem from booking and creative disagreements, both of which can, indeed, be solved tactfully. 

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