WWE NXT Level Up Results: Santino Marella's daughter debuts, WrestleMania III throwback 

Arianna Grace debuts; Andre Chase body slams Quincy Elliot
Arianna Grace debuts; Andre Chase body slams Quincy Elliot
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K Sai Krishna

In the latest edition of WWE NXT Level Up, we saw Dante Chen and Damon Kemp battle each other in the opening bout. Chen came into the bout with losses in his last couple of matches, while Kemp had won his last two matches.

Santino Marella's daughter, Arianna Grace (real name Bianca Carelli), made her in-ring debut against Amari Miller, who was returning to action after close to two months from injury.

The final match of the night saw Andre Chase face Quincy Elliot in the main event.

Dante Chen vs. Damon Kemp on NXT Level Up

Chen gained the upper hand early, transitioning into an armlock from the collar and elbow tie-up position. Following a series of counters, Kemp delivered a Gutwrench overhead toss followed by a body slam.

Chen turned the tables by taking out Kemp's left knee. He kept applying pressure on the knee with a kneebar, but Kemp managed to use his body weight to roll to the ropes. Kemp blocked another kneebar attempt from the Singaporean with a series of kicks, but the latter managed to use the ropes to keep the attack going.

The speed and power of @damonkempwwe is on display on #NXTLevelUp!

Kemp eventually managed to create some separation and delivered a Fireman's carry slam followed by a couple of shoulder tackles. He hit a rolling slam followed by a running Powerslam to pick up the win.

Result: Damon Kemp defeated Dante Chen via Pinfall on NXT Level Up

Grade: B+

Amari Miller vs. Arianna Grace on NXT Level Up

Miller took Grace down immediately after the opening bell and put her in a side headlock. After multiple attempts, Grace was able to break out of it. Miller went for a running attack, but Grace caught her with an arm drag and continued to apply pressure on her left arm.

.@AriannaGraceWwe looks to make an instant impact in her #NXTLevelUp debut!

Miller managed to fight back with a jumping kick and landed a few lariats before tripping her over. She went for the jawbreaker, but Grace rolled her up to get the win with the small package.

Result: Arianna Grace defeated Amari Miller via Pinfall on NXT Level Up

Grade: C

Andre Chase w/ Bodhi Hayward vs. Quincy Elliot on NXT Level Up

Elliot got the better of the collar and elbow tie-up and put Chase down with a shoulder tackle. The Chase U member went for a bodyslam, but he couldn't get the big man up. He tried to trip Elliot, but the latter hit a Splash for a two count.

Elliot delivered a Sidewalk Slam for another near fall. Andre fought off from being put into a bear-hug with back elbows and a double slap. He hit a series of punches and a back elbow before putting Elliot down with a rope-assisted dropkick. The Chase U member followed it up with a diving crossbody.

Chase hit his signature Chase-U stomp and tripped Elliot down to the mat. In a throwback to WrestleMania III, Chase channeled his inner Hulk Hogan and managed to get Elliot up for a body slam to pick up the win.

Result: Andre Chase defeated Quincy Elliot via Pinfall on NXT Level Up

Grade: B

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Edited by Debottam Saha
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