NXT Results: Former RAW Superstar's return match ends in disaster; Top Champions save Ciampa after main event

It was a wild night on NXT as we had a hard-hitting main event between Ciampa and Holland
It was a wild night on NXT as we had a hard-hitting main event between Ciampa and Holland

NXT kicked off with the match between Mandy Rose and Sarray. Rose was accompanied by Gigi Dolin and Jayce Jayne, who joined her at ringside.

This was Rose's first match on the black and gold brand since she made her move from RAW.

Mandy Rose vs. Sarray on NXT

Rose was cautious as the match started and managed to take Sarray down before being hit with a Fisherman's Suplex. Sarray missed a crossbody off the ropes before Rose took her to the corner and unloaded on the Japanese star.

Sarray tried for a submission, but Rose broke free with a poke to the eyes. Rose was on the ropes and took a huge dropkick to the face before being tossed out of the ring. Jayne ran to the timekeeper's table to grab a towel to cover Mandy's face, as if she had suffered a legitimate injury. The trio walked off as Sarray got the win via count-out.

Result: Sarray def. Mandy Rose

Grade: C

Tommaso Ciampa was in a backstage promo on NXT and said that he had no issue with how Ridge Holland won his bout against Timothy Thatcher last week, but his issue was with the post-match beatdown. He said that a motivated Ciampa was a dangerous one before walking out.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Duke Hudson on NXT

Hudson had an early advantage before O'Reilly tried for a Sleeper Hold but failed to lock it in. Hudson sent Kyle into the corner and taunted him before landing a Gutbuster. O'Reilly fought back with some big kicks and hit a Dragon Screw leg-pull.

O'Reilly locked in a Guillotine Choke, but Hudson rammed him into the corner to break it. Duke landed a flurry of moves for a near fall before Kyle went on the ring apron and worked on Hudson's leg. O'Reilly landed a flying knee off the top onto Hudson's knee before locking in a Heelhook for the win.

Result: Kyle O'Reilly def. Duke Hudson

Grade: B

1 / 7 NEXT
Edited by Alan John
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