WWE NXT Results: Top star's winning streak ends; Huge title match announced for WrestleMania week

What an action-packed night on WWE NXT!
What an action-packed night on WWE NXT!
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WWE NXT kicked off with the tag team match between Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker and The Dirty Dawgs. Ciampa and Bron came out first and attacked the RAW tag team before the match, and we headed for the bout right after as Ciampa and Roode ended up in the ring.

Same singlets, same page. @NXTCiampa & @bronbreakkerwwe are taking it to @HEELZiggler & @RealRobertRoode, but who will stand tall in the end? #WWENXT

WWE NXT Results (March 1st, 2022): Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker vs. The Dirty Dawgs

Roode and Ciampa kicked off the match, and team NXT got a big double-team spinebuster right off the bat. Roode distracted Bron and Dolph got a Zig-Zag for a nearfall before the NXT champ made the tag.

The Dirty Dawgs taunted their opponents and the fans before Ciampa got a knee strike and tagged Bron back in. The latter got the spear before Ziggler caught him with a big knee strike.

Ciampa came back in and got a bulldog before Roode attacked Bron outside. He sent Breakker into the ring post while Dolph set up for the finish but Ciampa got the Fairytale Ending and picked up the win.

Result: Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker def. The Dirty Dawgs

Grade: B+

There's only one way to put an end to @LAKnightWWE and @GraysonWWE's heated rivalry, a #LastManStanding Match!#WWENXT

LA Knight was out next on NXT and recapped his feud so far with Grayson Waller. The latter walked out on the balcony and said Knight was a roadblock in his career, but he took care of him. Knight challenged Waller to a Last Man Standing match, and the latter accepted it, making it official for next week on NXT.

Persia and Indi were backstage, and Pirotta was more focused on texting Duke Hudson than preparing for the match, and it had Hartwell worried about the team's future.

Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo vs. Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell on WWE NXT

Choo and Pirotta kicked off the match, and the latter had her opponent by her hair before isolating her in the corner. Kai came in and made some big moves before getting a nearfall on Indi.

Choo was back in and hit a double-team move with Kai before she was caught in a submission by Hartwell but managed to get out and make the tag. Kai got Hartwell with a big boot in the corner before getting another nearfall.

Persia tagged in and sent Kai into the turnbuckles, and Choo broke the following pin. Kai took out Persia before Choo got a Vader Bomb, and it let Dakota pick up the win with a double stomp.

Result: Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo def. Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell

Grade: B

Amari Miller vs. Lash Legend on WWE NXT

Legend got a big kick early on before taking control of the match. Miller returned with a basement dropkick before getting a superkick and a running moonsault before getting a near fall.

Legend sent Miller into the turnbuckles and hit her finisher for the win.

Result: Lash Legend def. Amari Miller

.@lashlegendwwe is taking out all her #DustyClassic frustrations on her former tag team partner. Can @Amari_MillerWWE overcome Legend? #WWENXT

Grade: C

Briggs and Jensen looked at trucks before Elektra Lopez came in for a funny promo.

"You wouldn't know what to do with a real woman if you saw one."#WWENXT @BrooksJensenWWE @elektralopezwwe

Solo Sikoa vs. GUNTHER on WWE NXT

A heavyweight showdown on #WWENXT! Who do you think will still be standing in the end, @Gunther_AUT or @WWESoloSikoa?

GUNTHER unloaded on Sikoa as the match started and took him into the corner for some uppercuts. The latter came back and got some strikes before GUNTHER dropped him.

GUNTHER was still in control and got some big chops before Solo dropped him and got a big dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, Sikoa got a superkick and a near fall before missing the splash. GUNTHER got the headlock and the powerbomb twice before picking up the win, ending Solo's winning streak.

Result: GUNTHER def. Solo Sikoa

.@WWESoloSikoa's undefeated streak has come to an end at the hands of @Gunther_AUT. #WWENXT

Grade: B+

Dolph Ziggler was backstage and said he wanted a WWE NXT title shot next week. Ciampa noted that he did not deserve it, and Bron joined the argument before Breakker said he would kick both Ciampa and Dolph's a**es.

Indi and Persia argued about the loss before Hudson came and took Pirotta away.

Harland vs. Draco Anthony on WWE NXT

Draco tried to escape the ring early on, but Harland caught him by the hair and dragged him back. Harland unloaded on Draco in the corner before dropping him and slamming his head over and over on the mat. He hit the side suplex and picked up the easy win.

Result: Harland def. Draco Anthony

After the match, Harland grabbed Anthony for a hug before NXT went on.

Grade: C

Tatum Paxley tried to apologize to Ivy Nile for last week's loss, but Nile said it would take more than that to join the Diamond Mine.

"You want to be a part of @DiamondMineWWE? You're going to learn the hard way."#WWENXT @ivynile_wwe @TatumPaxley

Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade vs. Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon on WWE NXT

Jade and Gonzalez had the early advantage, but Feroz dodged a big move and tried to roll up Raquel. Jade tagged back in and sent Feroz into the corner before they were sent outside, and Gonzalez took a big dive at ringside.

Jade was isolated in the ring and managed to get the tag before Raquel came in and hit a chingona bomb on Feroz. Jade came back in and hit a dive on Feroz for the win.

Result: Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade def. Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon

Grade: B-

Tiffany Stratton got into a scuffle backstage with Sarray, who showed off her Beyblade necklace to a group of trainees backstage.

Andre Chase vs. Von Wagner on WWE NXT

Chase started strong and took Wagner to the corner before he returned and drove him back into the same corner. Wagner got some kicks and an ax handle before getting a clothesline in the corner.

Chase was caught in a headlock but managed to break free and got some big moves on Wagner.

Chase took the bigger guy down, and Stone ran a distraction outside, allowing Wagner to get the drop on Chase. Wagner landed a modified FU back in the ring and picked up the win.

Result: Von Wagner def. Andre Chase

Grade: B

Backstage, Nikita Lyons invited herself to Lashing Out next week to further her feud with Lash Legend.

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Pete Dunne - North American Title match on WWE NXT

Melo started strong, but Dunne got back with some big kicks and a lariat. Dunne got a massive X Plex before we headed for a break on WWE NXT. After the commercials, Melo tried for a knee drop on the ropes before getting a big drop on the apron, thanks to a slight distraction from Trick.

Dunne got a knee strike in the corner and countered a springboard move with a fist for a nearfall. Melo got a nearfall off a codebreaker before Dunne blocked a kick and hit the Bitter End.

Dunne was on the top rope, and Trick tried to interfere, but Dunne got his hand and twisted it. Hayes pushed Dunne off the top and landed his leg drop for the win.

Result: Carmelo Hayes def. Pete Dunne

After the match, Melo said that at Stand & Deliver, he'd defend the NA title in a ladder match like it was first introduced.

Grade: B+

Episode grade: B

We had Solo Sikoa's winning streak broken by Gunther on WWE NXT tonight while we got two more semi-final matches in the Women's Dusty Cup. We got a big title match in the main event while Breakker and Ciampa teamed up in the opening match.

We asked Evil Uno what's up with Andrade in AEW here.

Edited by Angana Roy
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