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WWE NXT Results (September 8th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights from NXT Super Tuesday 2

NXT Super Tuesday 2 lived up to all the hype!
NXT Super Tuesday 2 lived up to all the hype!
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It was time for the second edition of WWE NXT Super Tuesday 2, and it got underway with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcoming the fans to the incredibly special show.

The biggest match on the card was set to go first. 

Finn Balor kicked off the show as his music hit and out came the Prince. Adam Cole was out next for the Sudden Death match to crown the new NXT Champion. 

Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor (WWE NXT Championship Match) on NXT

The match got underway following the pre-match introductions. They locked things up and began jockeying for position. Balor pushed Cole into the corner before the referee broke the hold.

Finn took Cole down with a front face lock. The UE leader tried to grapple his way out, but Balor was one step ahead as he pinned Cole down with a side headlock. Balor wasn't letting go of the side headlock. Back up on the feet, Cole sent Balor into the rope, and Finn came back to connect with a shoulder block.


Cole finally reversed the hold but got caught in another headlock. Balor won the early feeling-out round. The stalemate ended, and we were back to square one.

Cole got in the hammerlock, and Balor was on the back foot now. Balor reversed it with the arm drag takedown. He rested his knee on Cole's face. Adam Cole took Balor down with an arm drag takedown as well. He, however, had his head caught in the middle of Balor's feet.

The battle of holds ended as Cole connected with a dropkick. The longest reigning NXT Champion began to connect with the strikes.

Cole got the first pinfall attempt in the match following a neck breaker. He settled for a two-count. The NXT episode cut to a commercial break.

Balor was on top back from the break as Cole was in a side headlock. The pace of the match seemed slow and methodical, but it was bound to pick up soon.

Cole created some separation. He came charging in but got rocked with an elbow strike. Finn then slammed Cole into the mat before dropping another elbow for a two-count.

Balor sent Cole into the corner and stomped a mudhole on his opponent. Finn cracked Cole with a solid basement dropkick. He covered, and Cole kicked out at two.

Back in the corner, Balor drove his shoulders into the guts of Cole. He followed it up with a chop as Cole was in a great deal of trouble in the NXT title match. Balor whipped Cole into corners and followed it up with chops.

Adam Cole finally mounted a comeback, and it began with a couple of clotheslines. He dropped Balor with the pump kick. The fans were noisy, and it added to the intensity of the match on NXT.

Cole blocked a German Suplex attempt and connected with a knee. He then hit a backbreaker for a two-count. An insane back-and-forth exchange ensued which ended with Balor hitting the Slingblade. Cole and Balor were going move-for-move, and it didn't take long for the 'This is Awesome' chants to reverberate on NXT.

Cole pulled his knee cap down for The Last Shot, but Balor had other ideas. He sent Adam to the outside and unleashed a series of kicks to his face.

Cole still had some life in his as he stopped a charging Balor with a superkick out of nowhere. Both men were laid out on the outside as NXT to the second commercial break of the match.

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Published 09 Sep 2020, 08:01 IST
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