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WWE NXT TakeOver: Top 5 NXT TakeOvers of all time

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912   //    08 Jun 2019, 05:37 IST

NXT TakeOver
NXT TakeOver

Less than 2 months ago, the WWE Network had its second NXT TakeOver of the year, NXT TakeOver: New York. Keeping an eye on NXT TakeOver XXV, let us take a look at NXT and how it is slowly becoming instrumental in the WWE. Although NXT started as a developmental program to create future Superstars, it has become quite popular over the years. In fact, NXT has been so consistent in putting up great performances that it has often outperformed the main roster pay-per-views.

TakeOvers started as various WWE Network events worked up to draw attention to their third brand, NXT. While initial shows were filmed at the Full Sail University in Florida, it quickly changed as NXT started holding its own individual PPVs and storylines. Since its inception in mid-2014, NXT TakeOver has produced some of the finest wrestling displays in the entire professional wrestling history. The main reason for this has been the constant strength of the NXT roster.

As each batch moves on to Raw or SmackDown, it is again replenished by a new batch. Let us take a look at Top 5 NXT TakeOvers of all time.

#5 NXT TakeOver: Chicago

The real surprise was when Tommaso Ciampa turned heel
The real surprise was when Tommaso Ciampa turned heel

We start our list with the NXT TakeOver in Chicago. This particular event was memorable for two reasons: An excellent match and an excellent piece of story-telling. The match was between Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate for the UK Championship Tournament in hand. When the two entered the ring, they received polite applause, but when they finished the match they received a standing ovation.

They delivered a classic British-style wrestling match, as they delivered what was according to many, WWE’s match of the year. The duo combined the traditional World of Sports style along with Lucha, Japanese Strong Style, and American sports wrestling. In the end, Pete Dunne emerged as the WWE UK Champion after a classic match, which saw prominent figures like Jim Cornette become fans of the young British wrestlers.

The show ended with a chaotic affair between DIY and Authors of Pain which gained equal appreciation. However, the real surprise was when Tomasso Ciampa turned heel and attacked Johny Gargano, which sealed the night.

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