WWE 'penalising' top superstar as per legend, CM Punk to feud with Hall of Famer's son following return? 

Former Universal Champion Goldberg/CM Punk
Former Universal Champion Goldberg/CM Punk

Welcome to the WWE Podcast Roundup, where we aim to bring the most interesting comments made by top names on pro wrestling podcasts. In today's edition, we will examine some exciting stories revolving around prominent names like Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler.

The American Nightmare left AEW and joined WWE when he returned at WrestleMania 38. Unfortunately, he had to take time off just three months after his return due to a torn pectoral muscle. He is expected to return at the Royal Rumble next year, and as per Vince Russo, could face another former AEW star in CM Punk.

3. CM Punk to feud with Cody Rhodes upon return?


There has been a lot of speculation that former AEW Champion CM Punk is practically done with Tony Khan's company after his backstage brawl at All Out. It is also conjectured that he will return to WWE, considering Vince McMahon has retired and Triple H has taken over. Former WWE Writer Vince Russo said on Writing with Russo that a feud between Rhodes and Punk could be possible:

''You do that [CM Punk-Cody Rhodes confrontation] at the Royal Rumble, and the next night on RAW, there's a shocker. Both these guys [CM Punk and Cody Rhodes] were at the Royal Rumble. And then keep replaying the finish. And then the Cody arrival, the Punk arrival. ''

Cody Rhodes is the son of the legendary Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and has been on a path to fulfilling his father's dream of becoming a WWE Champion. Some rumors suggested that one of the reasons Rhodes left AEW was Punk's arrival. However, these claims have not been substantiated by either party.

2. Road Dogg comments on Bret Hart's heat with Goldberg


Speaking on his podcast Oh You Didn't Know?, the Hall of Famer talked about Bret Hart's real-life animosity towards Goldberg. He said that it is high time Hart let bygones be bygones. He also said that what happened to The Hitman was an accident and that he doesn't think Goldberg had any malice in his heart.

"I think you do have to get over it and go, 'it was an accident, man. Nobody meant to hurt anybody. I know Goldberg ... I can't imagine him having malice in his heart when any of this stuff went down.''

Bret Hart had a severe concussion during a match against Goldberg while they were in WCW. Hart's career was never the same after that, and he had to retire from in-ring competition primarily because of the injury he suffered in that match.

1. Jim Cornette says Dolph Ziggler is being penalized by WWE


Former world champion Dolph Ziggler suffered another defeat at the hands of Austin Theory on RAW this week. Legendary icon Jim Cornette said on his podcast Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru that Ziggler is being punished for being incredible in the ring and turned into a jobber because he is a great wrestler.

"It's so obvious by now at this point that they're in Dr. Ziggler, the guy with the most experience, the best worker that can still go at a good level and teach guys s**t in the ring, he's nearly flawless. So he's penalized by being the world's f**king greatest job guy."

Despite being one of the best athletes, Ziggler has been in the role of a 'gatekeeper' and enhancement talent for quite some time. He was even sent to NXT for a brief period to feud with and help Bron Breakker improve.

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