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Ranking the potential winners of the MITB Ladder match

Anshul Chugh
3.83K   //    18 Jun 2016, 14:46 IST


Who’s it gonna be?

The PPV which is being referred to as second Wrestlemania of the year is about to take place this Sunday. Although most of the matches on the card are good enough to attract the viewers, it is the build-up which has hurt them.

The writers have done a lazy job again. The main event of the PPV which has the capacity to main event Wrestlemania too, has not been booked to it’s potential. Except the last segment at RAW that was the Ambrose Asylum, nothing seemed to be in order.

Anyway with some luck, the PPV will do better, one can assume. 

The other match which in my opinion is going to be the match of the night is AJ Styles vs John Cena. The promos have been spot-on. If the intensity with which both guys have delivered them is any indication to go by, then we are in for a real treat.

Whether it was AJ trying to emulate CM Punk by breaking kayfabe and saying guys like john “buries” guys like himself or it was Cena mentioning New Japan and Ring of Honor along with not so subtle references to The Bullet Club. The feud is building the hype like it should be.

Now, the ladder match! It is probably my second pick for the match of the PPV. The match was initially going to be a seven-man ladder match but was later reduced to have 6 participants only.

It did make one think of the possibility of surprise entrant at the PPV itself and it might happen too as we are in the New-Era.

Will it be Kevin Owens? The best heel in the company right now.

Will it be Dean Ambrose? Is it the right time to finally put him the title picture.

Will be Chirs Jericho? Stupid Idiot! Haha.. The catch phrase is too good. Take a Bow Chris.

Will it be Sami Zayn? The ultimate underdog and perhaps the successor of Daniel Bryan.

Will it be Cesaro’s turn finally to enter into the main event?

Or is it going to be Alberto Del Rio? Nah, I don’t really have anything special for him. 

Now let us look at the odds of each one of them in detail..

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