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WWE RAW 25th May 2015- 5 promising developments

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5.66K   //    26 May 2015, 13:37 IST
RAW_1148_Photo_060-2108483762.jpg (642×361)
Lana on her way to the ring for a confrontation with Rusev

The go home show for the second PPV of the month was mostly a predictable affair but there were still some striking moments that stood out. Firstly, the usual Authority atrocity kicked off and WWE did everything they could to bring the smarks’ opinions about Ambrose come true. This may be the PG Era but regardless of any era, Ambrose is a rebel. The night saw the three former Shield brothers share the screen and the night also saw some great character development.

And there was the much appreciated US Title Open Challenge

Here are the five promising developments from the go home Raw for the Elimination Chamber-

  1.  The Ambrose Fever

RAW_1148_Photo_245-1014278865.jpg (642×361)
The crowd is super hot for Ambrose

The opening segment of the night was the usual, typical, formulaic segment. The biggest impetus of this segment, though, was the reactions for Ambrose. It is interesting to see the chant for an expletive tune into an ‘Ambrose’ chant. The audience wanted Ambrose to grace them with his presence.

And when he did, it was welcomed with some frantic energy. Also, when he finally pinned Rollins, the audience was on its feet. This just goes on to show that whenever the spotlight is on Ambrose, he’ll become the hottest act in the company.


  1. Lana stands her ground

RAW_1148_Photo_071-330361189.jpg (642×361)
Lana refused to settle for Rusev.

The one outstanding segment of the night saw Rusev pleading Lana to come and talk to him, which she did. This segment will be memorable for two reasons.One, for the searing popularity of Lana and two, for Rusev almost getting teary eyed. The glaring word in his promo was ‘Please’. Lana stood her ground and stuck by her stand of not being Rusev’s manager anymore. 

This will lead to another memorable moment of the night

  1.  ’Kiss Him Now’

RAW_1148_Photo_149-931420323.jpg (642×361)
Ziggler bore the brunt of Rusev’s ire

Rusev made his way to the ring to make his presence felt in the match between Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus. Heel Sheamus got a big win and then Rusev locked Ziggler in the Accolade, whilst Lana watched. It was painful and disturbing to watch Lana do nothing. And then Rusev mocked her mercilessly. He exclaimed ‘Kiss Him Now’, while he had Ziggler locked in his submission move.

This has moved this early feud further with some impetus going forward.

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