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WWE RAW: 3 Things Bray Wyatt secretly told us through the Firefly Fun House this week

Riju Dasgupta
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41.70K   //    21 May 2019, 09:41 IST

Yet again, this was the best thing about the show
Yet again, this was the best thing about the show

Bray Wyatt has been portrayed as a cult leader during his time in WWE. He is a cult leader of sorts in a different way as well because he commands a whole cult of followers that love everything he does on screen.

Moments after the YouTube video of his segment played this week, fans thronged to the YouTube channel to call it, once again, the best thing on the show. Because it was only a minute long, I'll share 3 things we learned this week instead of the usual five.

It is all too possible that I may have missed out on a point or two from the segment. And if such is the case, I invite you to leave a comment and educate me, dear reader.

And now, join me as I descend into the mind of the master of the cryptic, Bray Wyatt.

#3 There is yet another verse in the song

We've seen vignettes for the Firefly Fun House ever since the Superstar Shake-Up. The difference between the shows from weeks past and this one was very stark if you notice the nuances.

Firstly, there was actually an introductory segment to the vignette that actually introduced the WWE Universe to all of the characters involved. From Abby The Witch to Mercy The Buzzard to Ramblin' Rabbit to Bray Wyatt, we met them all.

Usually, we were only treated to the first stanza of the song - 'We're really glad that you're our friend. And this is a friendship that will never ever end'. And this week, we got to hear the second verse as well - 'If you're feeling lonely today, come along and throw your cares away'.

'Throw your cares away' was repeating over and over again, before the segment went dark. I wonder if we'll hear more verses with passing weeks.

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