WWE RAW: 5 reasons why Samoa Joe is turning babyface

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe
Rohit Nath

On the latest episode of WWE RAW, Samoa Joe started the show and was featured in segments throughout. The general theme of his role was that he was desperate to prove that he wasn't the man who attacked Roman Reigns on SmackDown Live.

He even started the show by standing atop the commentary table and demanding that Michael Cole prove him innocent. Later on in the show, Joe vowed to "show down" RAW until Roman Reigns came and when The Big Dog did arrive, Joe went to the parking lot to confront him. While there was a second or two of verbal confrontation, it all ended quickly when Roman Reigns jumped back in the car and his car was hit by another vehicle, who fled away.

Samoa Joe then showed mercy and concern in the most Samoa Joe way possible, telling Roman Reigns to stay down while calling for medics and security out of concern. It's clear that WWE is turning Samoa Joe face and here are a few reasons why!

#5 He's never been a babyface on the main roster

Samoa Joe has been a heel for 2 and a half years
Samoa Joe has been a heel for 2 and a half years

Samoa Joe made his shocking main roster debut around the end of January 2017, one night after the Royal Rumble. He debuted as Triple H's hired gun and has since grown into his role as a heel.

WWE probably felt he was best suited as a heel and it was clear in NXT itself that he was a better heel, which is probably why he was only a babyface for around 5 months of his entire 4-year run with the company.

As a result of this, WWE likely felt that he has been a heel for too long and to change things up, decided to pull the trigger on a face turn.

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