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WWE RAW: 5 reasons why The Big Show returned after 2 years and aligned with Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe

Rohit Nath
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Published Jan 07, 2020
Jan 07, 2020 IST

He's back!

The Big Show is back! It was announced that Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe needed a mystery partner to take on Seth Rollins and AoP. Joe told Owens that he knew the perfect guy for their team and Charly Caruso followed the two men up to a room.

It was here that Joe opened the door to a dark room, revealing to Owens who the mystery partner was - all while keeping everyone else in the dark. Right before the main event began, it was revealed to be the WWE legend himself - The Big Show.

He got a hugely positive reception and throughout the match, the crowd chanted "We want Big Show" until the hot tag. The match, of course, ended in a disqualification as Seth Rollins and AoP decided to use a steel chair on the World's largest athlete. The legend still stood tall at the end thanks to some assistance from Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens and many are now wondering why he returned after so long.

Here are five possible reasons why.

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#5. Most reliable legend

The Big Show used his signature right hand
The Big Show used his signature right hand

The Big Show has been a part of WWE for a long time now. Ever since joining at the end of the 1990s, he's been loyal to WWE - only leaving the company briefly years later. He's taken a backseat over the last few years.

After all, he's done so much for the company, given so much back and has put over a countless amount of superstars and has turned heel and face over 20 times. Not only that but after he took a backseat from being a full-time performer. he's gotten into the best shape of his life. He's just one call away and the obvious go-to guy for such a spot.

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