WWE RAW - Best and worst- Hints at a major breakup, Big mistake with 2 top factions, Former US Champion replaced? 

The RAW after WrestleMania episode was a very disappointing show
The RAW after WrestleMania episode was a very disappointing show
Riju Dasgupta

There was a time when the WWE RAW episode after WrestleMania would be just as exciting as the grand spectacle. Unfortunately, this episode was not very different from your regular WWE RAW episode and left a lot to be desired, for fans.

No, this wasn't the worst episode of WWE RAW we've seen, but RAW after WrestleMania is generally a much bigger deal than this week's episode was. As far as 'Bests' and 'Worsts' go, they were split down the middle this week.

The thing about surprises is that they are not necessarily always pleasant. Sure, MVP leading RETRIBUTION is a surprise, but is it enough of a talking point for fans to want to tune in next week?

It's really unfortunate that we've gone downhill from a great Night 1 of WrestleMania, to an okay Night 2, to now, a pretty poor WWE RAW episode.

#1 Best: Major WWE RAW return and a hint of a future storyline?

Did you guys get a hint that John Morrison and The Miz are headed for a breakup from their interactions on WWE RAW? It may not happen for a while but obviously, John Morrison feels like The Miz often leaves him out of the mix!

It was subtle, it wasn't in your face like everything else on WWE RAW is. It was well done by two masters of the craft.

But the main headline from this week's show was the return of Maryse to WWE RAW. The Miz is always at his best when she's around. And she's making John Morrison feel like the third wheel.

It was also cool to see The Viking Raiders return to action again. As far as Charlotte Flair's return to WWE goes, it was expected by fans. No real surprise there.

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