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WWE Raw December 12th: Analysing and grading each segment

Zayn and Mick Foley's war of words was amazing...

The New Day successfully survived two great triple threat matches for the titles, breaking Demolition’s record

With WWE Roadblock: End of the Line just six days away, this week’s Raw was focused on finalising the card and build for the PPV.

While Roadblock: End of the Line was the main concentration of the show, the Red brand also showcased New Day’s attempt to reach Demolition’s record for the longest reign as tag team champions at 478 days, which they would reach if they were able to make it through this week’s episode.

Two triple threat tag matches for the titles were the highlights of this week’s show, but other segments impressed. Mick Foley and Sami Zayn’s tensions boiled over in a brilliant and emotional war of words. Another edition of the Rollins Report led to a brawl between the duos of JeriKO and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Jack Gallagher was very entertaining in his interference in the Daivari/Dorado Cruiserweight match. These segments and more were the highlights on another good edition of Raw, but which segments stole the show? Let’s find out, as I analyse and grade each segment from the December 12th edition of WWE Raw.

Rusev and Lana Promo:


A weak segment that did little for the Rusev/Cass feud

Grade: 5/10

This was a weak segment that did little for the developing Enzo and Cass/Rusev feud. Rusev and Lana teasing that they were going to show what they do ‘behind closed doors’ was stupid, as everyone knew they weren’t actually going to show anything. It felt contrived and painted Lana once again, as only significant for her lust.

Cass’ music was, for some reason, blaring during his promo. Whether this was due to a lack of confidence from WWE about his mic skill or a technical malfunction, either way it was annoying. The crowd was silent during Rusev and Cass’ brawl, even though it was hard-hitting.

A match between the two at Roadblock was announced, and it should be solid, but if the crowd isn’t into it, like they weren’t here then they will have a tough time. Overall, a weak segment that did little to have fans anticipating the Cass/Rusev match.

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