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WWE Monday Night RAW: Live results and coverage - 19th May 2014

20.41K   //    19 May 2014, 22:09 IST
WWE World Heavyweight title
WWE World Heavyweight titles fate to be decided today

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another live RAW review. Tonight, RAW rolls out of the O2 arena in London, England, as we look at the state of the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Also, a tournament has been scheduled to find the number one contender for the WWE Intercontinental championship!

The Wyatt Family opened the show, as the trio made their way down to the ring to a massive pop from the London crowd! Bray Wyatt took the mic and sang “He’s got the whole world in his hands” along with the fans! Wyatt then talked about how we can’t fix everything, and how we’re not superheroes. He then said how we think everything is wrong, and that he was here to fix it. He told a story about his teacher, who thought he wouldn’t amount to anything, and how she thought she was right, and he wasn’t. He said his teacher told him that he was rotten, as the fans cheered. He said he was God while she was rotting in a retirement home, as the crowd started singing again. He said he was evil, and picked on John Cena and called him plastic, as the crowd started a “Cena sucks” chant. He talked about Harper beating Cena, but John Cena interrupted the promo and delivered an AA to Bray Wyatt, before escaping from the ring.

Analysis: I love the London crowd, and there’s a good reason for that. The crowd was electric, and was very vocal, supporting Bray Wyatt. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the main event later in the evening.

WWE then showed Stephanie’s promo last week, and Kane attacking Bryan and dragging him out.

Back from commercial, and Cesaro made his way out with his manager/agent, Paul Heyman. The London fans gave the duo a massive ovation as well, but Heyman put them down, calling them wannabes, and said they should worship the ground Cesaro walks on and Heyman’s mic in which he spoke. Heyman then talked about Brock Lesnar conquering The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak, and mocked The Undertaker. He said Sheamus will be emasculated by the “King of Swing”, Cesaro.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro (With Heyman)

Both men locked up as the fans sang along! Cesaro slapped Sheamus and Sheamus came back with a clothesline. Cesaro came back and worked on Sheamus. Sheamus then turned the tables with the battering ram, as Cesaro escaped from the ring. Both men went at it as the crowd chanted for JBL! Sheamus put Cesaro down with a high knee and a shoulder-tackle for a nearfall. Sheamus missed with a running crossbody as WWE cut to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cesaro was in control. Cesaro and Sheamus exchanged moves before Heyman distracted Sheamus, allowing Cesaro to hit a German suplex with a bridge to pick up the pinfall victory over the WWE United States champion!

Winner: Cesaro

Rating: ** ½

Post – match, Sheamus offered Cesaro a handshake, but Cesaro refused and walked away.

Analysis: That was a fun match, and the crowd was loud. Looks like WWE has edited some chants off, which is the case with taped shows. Cesaro picking up the victory over US champion can only mean good things for Cesaro. It’ll be great if WWE can insert him in a program for the WWE World Heavyweight championship soon.

WWE showed Reigns’ injury during last week’s house show in Glasgow.

Batista will take on Seth Rollins later on in the night.

We then saw the first match of the Beat the Clock Challenge, to find out the number one contender for Wade Barrett’s WWE Intercontinental championship.

Big E vs. Ryback (With Curtis)

Both men locked up as Ryback dropped Big E with a shoulder block. Ryback was on the offense in the early going, but Big E came back with a huge clothesline for a one count! Ryback and Big E went back and forth with scoops and big rights, as Ryback got the better of Big E once again.

Ryback dropped Big E with a spinebuster and a huge clothesline for yet another nearfall! Ryback kept pinning Big E as he kicked out. The crowd started a big “We want Barrett” chant as Big E dropped Ryback with a clothesline and then connected with the Big Ending to pick up the victory at 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

Winner: Big E

Rating: * ¾

Analysis: That was a decent bout between the two big men, and Big E sets the time for the others to follow. Will the former champ get a second chance to get his title back? We’ll have to wait and see.

R – Truth and one of the Funkadactyles take on Fandango and Layla.

Summer Rae came down to the ring before the match even began and kissed Fandango! She then attacked Layla, as both the women brawled in the ring, and the match never started! Fandango pulled Layla out of the ring and took her to the back.

Daniel Bryan’s music hit as O2 arena came unglued! London fans with a massive ovation for the WWE World Heavyweight champion, but out came Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie talked about Daniel Bryan’s journey, and main eventing WrestleMania 30. She then talked about Bryan inspiring millions of people. She then talked about him being injured and unable to compete, as the fans booed her out of the building. She played a video of Barrett saying he had some bad news. Original reports came in that the fans started a huge CM Punk chant and were so loud, that they had to re – do the segment. Stephanie then asked Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship next week on RAW!

Analysis: It would’ve been fun if the original video surfaced on the internet. It was obvious that WWE piped down the crowd reactions, which completely takes the fun away from Monday Night RAW. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what transpires next week.

3MB then made their way out as The Union Jacks. Lana then came out and cut a promo about the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and hailed him as her inspiration. She then introduced Rusev. He laid waste to all the three members, scooping Slater on the outside and throwing the others around.

Rusev vs. Heath Slater

Heath tried to attack Rusev, but Rusev brushed him aside and connected with the spinning side slam, and locked Heath in the camel clutch to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rusev

Rating: Dud

Analysis: That was your basic squash match. Nothing much to say there.

We then cut backstage to The Shield. Ambrose spoke about how Evolution was afraid of The Shield, and how they decimated them last week. Rollins then cut a promo about his match with Batista later on in the night, and talked about taming the animal. Roman Reigns then showed the scar he received recently during his match with Orton. They had strong words for Evolution.

Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD in the Beat the Clock Challenge

The time to beat was 5 minutes and 2 seconds. RVD and Del Rio went at it as the bell rang. RVD rolled Del Rio up and monkey flipped him to the outside. Del Rio countered with a big kick on the floor and covered RVD in the ring for a nearfall.

RVD connected with a leg drop for a nearfall, but Del Rio countered with a backstabber backbreaker for a nearfall of his own! RVD went for the five star frog splash, but Del Rio moved and connected with an enziguri for a nearfall! RVD rolled Del Rio out of nowhere to pick up the victory with 47 seconds still to go!

Winner: RVD

Rating: * ¾

Analysis: That was an underwhelming match between the two, but they didn’t have decent amount of time to put on a good bout. Anyway, RVD now has the best time with one last match to go.

We then cut backstage for a comedy skit with Renee Young, John Cena and The Usos.

Evolution is shown backstage plotting against The Shield.

Batista (With Triple H and Orton) vs. Seth Rollins (With Ambrose and Reigns)

Rollins and Batista locked up as Rollins stomped Batista in the corner. Both men ended up going outside, and Rollins connected with a huge spinning kick as WWE went to commercial.

Back from commercial and Batista was in control. More back and forth action as Rollins got the upper hand. Rollins delivered a dropkick followed by a suicide dive. Rollins was tripped by Orton, and Batista delivered a spinebuster thanks to the distraction. Rollins countered a spear with a boot and delivered the springboard double knee to Batista for a nearfall!

The crowd started a “Let’s go Rollins” chant as Triple H tripped Rollins. All hell broke loose as Orton hit Reigns with a chair, and Triple H and Batista took on Ambrose and Rollins. Ambrose countered a pedigree and back body dropped Triple H over the announcer’s table as the crowd chanted “This is awesome”. Reigns decked Batista with a spear, but before they could hit the triple powerbomb, Evolution escaped from the ringside area!

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

Rating: ***

Analysis: That was a decent bout between Rollins and Batista, but once again, The Shield gets the upper hand. Triple H’s plan backfired, and it’ll be interesting to see what Evolution does to get back at The Shield before WWE Payback.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

Alicia started off aggressively with a big boot but Paige came back with headbutts. Paige threw Alicia around as the crowd cheered for her. Alicia pushed Paige off the barricade and went back on the attack! Alicia delivered some rights and boots and followed it up with a backbreaker for a nearfall!

Paige countered Alicia’s offense with the Paige turner but Alicia kicked out! Alicia then connected with a backbreaker and connected with another big boot to Paige’s face to pick up the victory!

Winner: Alicia Fox

Rating: *

Analysis: That wasn’t surprising, as WWE has the knack of making hometown heroes lose. Anyway, Fox might face Paige for the Divas title at Payback.

Harper cut an eerie promo along with Bray Wyatt, warning John Cena and The Usos.

Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler in the final Beat the Clock Challenge

Henry dropped Ziggler with a big shoulder and followed it up with a scoop slam for a nearfall, as the crowd chanted for Ziggler. Henry worked on Ziggler, but Ziggler came back with a right and the fame – asser for a nearfall!

Ziggler connected with a dropkick, and followed it up with another. Henry caught Ziggler with a powerslam as the crowd chanted for Ziggler. Ziggler connected with the Zig – Zag, but the clock just ran out a second before the referee could finish the count!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Rating: * ¾

Post match, RVD came out to celebrate, but was attacked by Wade Barrett. He cut then a promo about retaining the WWE IC championship at WWE Payback.

Renee Young brought out Adam Rose and his Rosebuds. The London crowd gave Rose a huge pop! They danced around the ring but were interrupted by Zeb and Swagger, as the fans chanted “You’re a lemon” at Colter! That was hilarious. Zeb cut a promo about how he wanted Rose to face Swagger, and knocked down the fans from the UK.

Swagger attacked Rose and threatened the Rosebuds, but Rose came back and threw Swagger out of the ring, and the Exotic express danced in the ring to end the segment.

John Cena made his way out in the main event for his match against Luke Harper.

John Cena (With The Usos) vs. Harper (With Bray and Rowan)

Harper cornered Cena and drilled him with rights. Harper connected with a underhook back throw for a nearfall as WWE went into its final commercial.

Back from commercial and Harper connected with a big boot for a nearfall! Cena turned the tables with the spinning side slam, but Harper connected with a German suplex for a nearfall, as the crowd chanted for Harper and the Wyatts. Harper missed with a running boot, but Cena dropped him and connected with the 5 knuckle shuffle!

Cena went for the AA, but Harper planted him face first for a nearfall! Harper connected with a running hurricanrana and a dropkick! Harper then connected with a suicide dive on the outside! Back in the ring, Cena connected with a DDT for a nearfall! Cena delivered a hurricanrana but Harper countered with a superkick for a nearfall yet again!

Harper got Cena on his shoulders and dropped him back first for another nearfall! Cena dropped Harper with a clothesline and locked Harper in the STF! Harper reached the bottom rope as The Usos tried to take out Rowan and Bray! Bray delivered Sister Abigal to the Usos as Harper connected with the Michinoku driver for a nearfall!

Cena connected with the AA but Rowan came in for the DQ! Cena tried to fight them off but Bray connected with the Sister Abigail! Rowan threw Cena on the entrance ramp with a fall away slam! Bray then connected with yet another Sister Abigail on the top of the entrance ramp as Harper counted to 10! Bray sang along with the crowd as RAW faded with Cena laid out!

Winner by DQ: John Cena

Rating: *** ½

Analysis: That was an outstanding main event, and Harper just keeps getting better and better. The Wyatts have one – upped Cena once again, and it’ll be interesting to see if WWE puts Bray Wyatt over clean.

Over – all rating of the show: *** ½ (Out of 5 stars)

The show once again suffered as it didn’t have good quality bouts, but had two decent matches. The Daniel Bryan situation still isn’t clear, and it’ll be interesting to see where WWE goes from here. That does it for this week’s review, and I hope everyone enjoyed the show!

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