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WWE RAW Results May 15th 2017, Latest RAW winners and video highlights

RAW had one of its best episodes in a while

Kurt Angle kicked off RAW with a huge announcement

A recap of the Roman Reigns’ attack on Braun Strowman last week played before RAW began.

Kurt Angle makes a massive announcement for Extreme Rules

It didn’t take longs for things to break down

Kurt Angle kicked off RAW to a huge pop. He began talking about the Reigns-Strowman rivalry. He recapped the bad news that Strowman. He announced a Fatal-5-Way Extreme Rules match for the PPV to determine Brock Lesnar’s next contender. Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns was announced. Roman Reigns made his way out. 

Reigns said that there’s no need for a #1 contender because he defeated Undertaker at WrestleMania and put Strowman on the shelf. Finn Balor made his way out and told Roman that he was the first Universal Champion and never lost his title. He then said that the line starts with him, and reminded Roman that he defeated him on his first night. This brought out Samoa Joe.

Joe said that it’s about 2 things: Action & Result. Soon after, Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring. Bray was cutting his usual promo but was interrupted by Rollins. He said that he came to fight with Joe, and things broke out into a brawl. Things ended with Finn Balor standing tall after all competitors were taken down.

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