RAW Results: Seth Rollins makes big blunder; WWE Hall Of Famer takes a dig at AEW

It was a chaotic night on RAW!
It was a chaotic night on RAW!

Seth Rollins kicked off RAW and announced that he and Big E will be facing each other for the WWE Championship on the Day One pay-per-view. Finn Balor attacked Rollins shortly after and tossed him over the announcer's desk before throwing him back inside the ring.

Rollins hit a dive to retaliate but was taken down before Balor tossed the steel ring steps right onto Seth's head.

They went back to the ring and Rollins called for the match to be started and we headed for a break on RAW just as the bell rang.

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor on RAW

After a break on RAW, Rollins got a Superplex on Balor and transitioned it into the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Balor kicked out of the rollup once more before hitting a double stomp for a near fall of his own.

Balor hit the Pele kick before Rollins reversed the 1916 DDT with a jab to the eye. Rollins got an elbow to the back of the neck followed by a Stomp before picking up the win.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor

Grade: B

Backstage on RAW, Vince McMahon met with Austin Theory and invited him to watch the show from his office. He then reminded Theory that if he ever stole from him again, he would kill him.

Becky Lynch was out on RAW for the contract signing with Liv Morgan. Becky was trash talking and Liv told her to shut up and signed the contract. Morgan fired back and showed us footage of Becky crying after her match with Charlotte.

Morgan called Becky a bully and said that Lynch became everything that she used to hate. Lynch challenged her to a tag team match with her and Liv leading teams tonight on RAW.

Backstage on RAW, Riddle told Randy Orton that he thought Randy would dress up like him after last week's stunt.

Orton was mad at him as usual but then finally calmed down. Riddle put a wig on Randy to make The Viper look like him.

RK-Bro (c) vs. The Dirty Dawgs - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Roode & Ziggler attacked Riddle and isolated him just as the bell rang and got two near falls. Riddle dodged a big elbow in the corner before he was able to make the tag.

Orton came in with a powerslam on Ziggler before trying for the draping DDT but Roode interrupted the move. The former US Champion was in control when we returned from a break on RAW and had Orton in a headlock.

Randy reversed the hold and tagged Riddle in who took out Ziggler and hit the draping DDT on Roode. Riddle tagged Orton in for double RKO's but they were reversed by the challengers before Ziggler got the Zig Zag on Orton for a near fall.

Orton got a sudden RKO and picked up the win for his team.

Result: RK-Bro def. The Dirty Dawgs to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships

Grade: B

Kevin Owens walked up to Rollins backstage on RAW and told him that if he won tonight's match against Big E, he would get added to the WWE Title Match at the Day One pay-per-view.

Rollins asked Pearce about Owens' title shot and the official denied knowing anything about it. Deville walked in after Rollins left and said it was a good idea to add KO to the match if he won tonight.

Edge's return interrupted by The Miz and Maryse on RAW

Edge was back on RAW and said there were a number of people he could face on the red brand before The Miz and Maryse made their big return. The A-Lister asked why Edge didn't mention his name in the list of possible competitors before Edge made the audience chant 'Miz sucks'.

The Rated-R Superstar did praise Miz and even took a dig at AEW and the promo battle between CM Punk and MJF last week on Dynamite.

Edge said that he focused only on the in-ring competition while The Miz used it as a platform to 'get his next gig.'

They were nearly about to get in a fight but Miz said no and walked off.

AJ and Omos were backstage and Styles said his vision was impaired after the Street Profits sprayed a fire extinguisher in his face. AJ planned to get his revenge on the Profits.

The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy on RAW

Ford was isolated in the ring early on as Gable and Otis kept hot tagging in and out on RAW. Gable hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall before tags were made.

AJ Styles and Omos were at ringside to spectate, and after Ford wiped out Gable and Otis outside the ring, AJ tried to block a top rope dive from Montez.

Omos realized that AJ was lying to him about the blindness and looked less than pleased with him as Ford knocked him off the apron. Ford got the Frog Splash on Gable and picked up the win.

Result: The Street Profits def. Alpha Academy

Grade: C

Vince McMahon was with Austin Theory backstage and told him how Theory should have seen Styles' blindness gimmick coming.

Rollins found KO backstage and told him that Pearce had let him know that there was no title shot deal for him. Owens reassured Rollins that the agreement was, in fact, real before walking off.

Damian Priest (c) vs. Apollo Crews - United Stated Title match on RAW

Priest got an early arm drag before locking in an armbar, and Crews rolled out of the ring. Damian chased his challenger around the ring, but Azeez got in his way, letting Apollo get a big knee strike.

Damian Priest (c) vs. Apollo Crews - United Stated Title match on RAW (contd...)

Priest hit a cliffhanger DDT for a near fall before wiping him out at ringside with a dive on RAW. Azeez took out Priest from the apron before he was sent backstage. Priest returned and unloaded on Crews before getting the win off a Reckoning.

Result: Damian Priest def. Apollo Crews to retain the United Stated Title

Grade: C

Backstage on RAW, Pearce let Rollins know that he and Sonya agreed to add KO to the Title match at Day One if he won against Big E tonight.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. The Hurt Business on RAW

Dominik was isolated early in the match and managed to get a rollup early on Cedric before Benjamin was tagged in.

Dominik got the tag to Rey as the duo got in control with a sunset flip. Rey and Dominik sent Cedric and Shelton into the ropes and hit them with double 619s before Dominik got the Frog Splash on Cedric for the win.

Result: Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. The Hurt Business

Grade: C

Team Liv (Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke, Nikki A.S.H & Bianca Belair) vs. Team Becky (Becky Lynch, Zelina Vega, Carmella, Doudrop & Tamina) on RAW

Becky and Morgan kicked off the match on RAW and The Man unloaded on Liv just as the match began. Carmella came in and so did Ripley before Mella ran out and tagged Vega in.

Queen Zelina was taken down before team Becky cornered Ripley and Tamina had her in a headlock in the ring. Rhea powered through and team Morgan drove the others out of the ring before we headed for a break on RAW.

Back on RAW, Doudrop and Becky were dominating against Nikki in the ring. Carmella got tagged in and was taking a beating from Ripley before she managed to turn things around and get a near fall.

Vega dropped Brooke from the top rope and onto the rest of Team Liv before Morgan managed to pick up the win on Tamina in the ring.

Result: Team Liv def. Team Becky

Team Liv got the big win on RAW
Team Liv got the big win on RAW

Becky attacked Morgan after the match and a brawl broke out and team Liv came out on top after Lynch was laid out with the Oblivion.

Grade: B+

Backstage, Vince McMahon was teaching Austin Theory about expecting the unexpected on RAW. Vince then got up and slapped the young superstar to make his point.

Kevin Owens vs. Big E on RAW

Seth Rollins came out to watch the match and Owens had the upper hand early on. Owens was focused on Big E's injured knee as Rollins cheered the WWE Champion on as KO sent E into the steel ring steps.

Owens hit Rollins and taunted him to interfere but Seth refrained from causing a disqualification. Back on RAW after a break, Owens got a Superplex for a near fall before locking in a headlock.

Big E hit a few Belly-to-belly Suplexes before Owens dodged the Big Ending and hit a Cannonball. Owens got a Superkick before taking the Uranage from Big E. The WWE Champion kicked out of a Powerbomb before Owens attacked Rollins at ringside while E was down.

Back in the ring, Owens got a Superkick before Rollins attacked him, ending the match. Rollins destroyed Big E with a Stomp after Owens fled the ring. KO was declared the winner via DQ, meaning he will be added to the WWE Title match at the Day One pay-per-view.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Big E via DQ

Grade: B

Episode Grade: B+

We got the return of Edge and the Miz & Maryse on RAW as well a huge 10-woman tag match led by Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. We got a United States title match on tonight's RAW, as well as KO getting added to the WWE Title match.

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