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WWE RAW Results October 21st, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

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Published Oct 22, 2019
Oct 22, 2019 IST

Rollins was pushed t
Rollins was pushed to his limit

The first RAW since the 2019 Draft kicked off with an appearance from Ric Flair. He spoke about beating Team Hogan at Crown Jewel before introducing the fifth member of his team, Drew McIntyre. Drew said he was ready to give us a preview of what he was about to do to Team Hogan at Crown Jewel in his match with Ricochet that was up next.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet

Drew decimated Ricochet after the match
Drew decimated Ricochet after the match

Ric Flair was sitting at ringside to witness the match and Drew said Ricochet outside early on. Mcintyre dominated in the first half of the match but Ricochet managed to counter some big moves before hitting a big dive.

Flair was trash taking Hogan as the match went on and Ricochet turned things around with a huge dropkick in the ring followed by a standing shooting star press. Drew hit a buckle bomb and a powerbomb but Ricochet kicked out.

Ricochet managed to lift Drew for a huge slam before hitting a Shooting Star Press but still no pinfall. McIntyre countered the recoil and threw him outside. McIntyre followed up with the Claymore for the win.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. Ricochet

Drew came back in post-match and destroyed Ricochet with a Butterfly DDT and then his patented front slam into the steel steps!


Match rating: A

The OC were in a backstage interview and said that The Street Profits sucked, and so did Cleveland.

Aleister Black was in his lair and was feeling the rage before his match that was up next.

Aleister Black vs. Promotional Talent

Easy win for Aleister
Easy win for Aleister

Black hit a few kicks to start of the match and then a big elbow. His opponent gained a momentary advantage but took the Black Mass before being pinned for the three-count.

Result: Aleister Black def. Promotional Talent

Match rating: C

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