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WWE/ROH News: Cody Rhodes taunts Daniel Bryan during Death Before Dishonor

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Things might be different between the two next time

What's the story?

Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan have traded words every now and then. Things got really heated up after Cody won the ROH World Title. D-Bry said he's like to take that title from Cody and the Grandson Of A Plumber didn't seem to dismiss the thought of a match against the Bearded GOAT. Now Cody is throwing, even more, fuel to the fire live on PPV.

In case you didn't know...

Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from pro wrestling after WWE's doctors didn't like the results from some of his tests. But Daniel Bryan is a very intelligent man and likes to read up on things. He found innovative procedures he can go through to fix some of the troubling things including the lesions WWE's doctors were so worried about.

It looks like he might be toying with the idea of returning to the ring if he has anything to say about it. People very close to Daniel Bryan seen to agree he'll find his way back to the ring.

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes has been tearing up the independent circuit and he picked up the ROH World Title in the process.

The heart of the matter

During his match at ROH Death Before Dishonor, Cody stopped what he was doing in order to throw up Daniel Bryan's "yes fingers." The crowd chanted along and were obviously aware of the situation between the two.

To make things even more interesting, ROH's official Twitter account put a gif of the taunt on their account.

What's next?

The fact that ROH's social media is promoting this kind of cross-promotional taunting would certainly lead some to believe they want Daniel Bryan back. They consider ROH his home and their COO Joe Koff recently admitted Daniel Bryan has an open door to return.

Author's take

These two are teasing something very amazing. If Daniel Bryan does decide on a return to ROH after he leaves WWE it could result in some very cool things.


Daniel Bryan recently said he wanted to tap out every member of the Bullet Club and Cody was the first to respond. Now it looks like Cody is going to poke Daniel Bryan even more and ROH is helping out. I guess in essence this article is helping stir the pot as well but that's okay because I would love to see Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan even if it wasn't for the ROH World Championship.

I just hope whatever Daniel Bryan decides to do is best for his career and his body. He's still young and starting a family. The last thing he needs is to break himself down further, not to mention cause damage which could last for the rest of his life.

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