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WWE Royal Rumble 2017: 10 Possible endings for the Royal Rumble match

The most unpredictable Royal Rumble in recent times could end up being the greatest if booked right.

This year’s Rumble has already shaped up to be the best in years

Royal freaking Rumble! The excitement surrounding one of the most unpredictable Rumbles in recent times is quite palpable. And how could it not be! You have the part-timers (read legends) in The Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, the rising talents of the New Era in Braun Strowman, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn and the rest, and the alluring possibilities of memorable returns.

Royal Rumble has shaped up to be quite a promising PPV and the outcome of the marquee match itself, most importantly, is what it's supposed to be; ambivalent. An open Royal Rumble as this is bound to spring up a host of different permutations. According to the betting odds, there have been seven different favourites to win the match in the build up to the PPV, building up the ambiguity even more.

However, only one man would stand tall with a guaranteed WrestleMania main event spot at the end of the 30-man extravaganza, but who and how would that it? We take a look at those possible outcomes in this slideshow.

#10 Kurt Angle shows up and affects the ending  

Coming back home in the Alamodome?

Kurt Angle needs to return at the Royal Rumble as it would be criminally wrong to not have one of the most accomplished pro wrestlers of the last decade at one of the most significant PPV’s in WWE history. It would just be a colossal mistake after all the hype.

Angle is in decent shape for one final in-ring run and the beginning could be at the Rumble. It would be fair to say that Angle is not going to win the Rumble if he enters, but what he can do is to influence the ending. One way is to cost the match for the star who eliminated him in the first place. This could be anyone; from Brock Lesnar, Goldberg or The Undertaker to The Miz, Baron Corbin or Dolph Ziggler.

A feud with a heel Dolph Ziggler sounds great on paper as the Show-off could garner good heat and it fits well with his story of being always being overshadowed. Angle is what SmackDown needs. American Alpha would agree.

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