WWE Rumor Roundup: Former Champion done with the company; Top Superstar allegedly found COVID-19 positive; Update on Rey Mysterio's future - 21 July 2020

AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio
AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio
Shiven Sachdeva

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup where we talk about the latest rumors and updates from the world of WWE. With the Horror Show at Extreme Rules over, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the event.

On today's edition of the WWE Rumor Roundup, we will take a look at why WWE decided to have a controversial ending for Extreme Rules match, current Champion allegedly testing positive for Coronavirus, Vince McMahon being accused of stealing ideas and more.

So without any further ado, let us jump into the top stories of today:

#5 Kairi Sane reportedly done with WWE


There had been a lot of speculation on the future of former Women's Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. Some initial reports had suggested that Sane is looking to head back to Japan and will not be continuing with WWE. There were also reports saying that WWE wasn't interested in keeping Kairi Sane.

However, it was later said that WWE is keen on retaining the Pirate Princess and has offered her a good deal. As per PWINsider and Tokyo Sports, Kairi Sane is done with WWE and will be gone by next month.

Here is what Tokyo Sports had stated:

“Since she married a Japanese man on February 22, there is also a media report that ‘it is very important to move back to Japan'. She also told her neighbors that she wanted to return to Japan, and she was whispered to return to Japan early this year. However, it is unlikely that they will completely leave WWE and participate in other groups in Japan. Most of the argument is that the base will be moved to Japan and that it will continue to maintain friendly relations with WWE. Although I don’t yet know what shape to choose, it seems that there will be some announcement by the summer festival “Summer Slam”.

#4 WWE Superstar Apollo Crews reportedly COVID-19 positive


WWE Superstar Apollo Crews was set to defend the United States Championship at Extreme Rules: Horror Show against MVP. However, it was announced that Crews wasn't medically cleared to compete as a result of Lashley's brutal attack a few weeks back.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio, that the current (or former?) US Champion Apollo Crews has tested positive for COVID-19.

"So Apollo Crews was COVID. People have been suspecting it, and it was."

Dave Meltzer further added that he doesn't know when WWE got to know that Apollo Crews will not be able to compete at the PPV.

"I don't know when they learned that he wasn't able to do the match, but you know, when you look back, it's been several weeks since he's been on television, so there you go."

After Apollo Crews was unable to compete at Extreme Rules, MVP declared himself the new US Champion and has been walking around with the newly minted Unites States belt around his waist on Monday Night RAW.

#3 Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio's status with the company


Rey Mysterio lost the 'eye for an eye' match against Seth Rollins at Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules when The Messiah once again pressed Mysterio's eye on the edge of the steel steps.

While WWE did not show any graphic images, it was implied that Mysterio's eye was bulging out of its socket. The reason behind WWE's decision to have Rollins win the match was because of uncertainty over his future in WWE.

Dave Meltzer of WOR stated that while the chances of him leaving WWE are high given the ending of the match, they have still left it open in case Mysterio's decided to re-sign his contract.

''Rey Mysterio, which is the other question everyone has, he has not signed. My gut is still, as it's been all along that he will, but it has not happened yet. So, that finish was because he had not signed. As I mentioned like if he doesn't sign, the obvious finish is that he has to lose, and if he does sign, the obvious finish is that he has to win. But the reason that they gave that open-ended thing that we may save his eye is in case he does sign. That's their out.''

#2 Backstage details on Apollo Crews vs MVP being replaced at WWE Extreme Rules


As noted earlier, WWE had to scrap the plans for the US Championship match due to Apollo Crews not being available. As per Tom Colohue, WWE found out very late in the day that the US Champion will not be competing at the show.

He also stated that Apollo Crews be set for a return as soon as next week on RAW. He also added that Kevin Owens vs Murphy was a last-minute addition to the Extreme Rules card.

"Apollo Crews has been off TV for two weeks and was expected to be back by now, but has not been confirmed to be 'cleared'. MVP 'taking' the title was done because Crews could be back as soon as RAW this week. He could have literally been cleared the very next day. He could also not be back another week, because they expected him to be back last night. They will test him now. If he is fine, he will return, if he is not, he will wait another week. Kevin Owens and Murphy found out very late on that they would be competing in the pre-show because WWE didn't know about the United States Championship match until very late in the day. That's how late it was when they found out about Apollo Crews not being ready to compete."

#1 Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson accuse WWE Chairman Vince McMahon of stealing their idea

Released WWE Superstars Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows recently spoke about their time in WWE on the Talk 'n' Shop podcast on YouTube. The former RAW Tag-Team Champions did not mince their words and did not hold back at all.

Gallows and Anderson have now joined Impact Wrestling. Speaking about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, the two stated that he doesn't want people like them in his office. He only wants Superstars that he wants to do something coming in his office.

They also talked about the time when he had pitched an idea to Vince McMahon, which he later used for other Superstars.

"We were in there a few times. I went in there one time with Big Cass and we had an idea and we wanted to get some heat on him outside of the backstage area and wanted to do something in the parking lot. We came up with something that I thought was pretty clever, I don't remember the logistics, but we trapped Cass in a car and were gonna beat the crap outta Enzo. 'Great, great, I love it, awesome.' We saw a very similar idea used on Raw the following week with two singles guys. That's what happens when you go in there and they're not looking to use you in that light. It happens a lot." (h/t Fightful)
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