WWE Rumor Roundup: Former Champions returning for Royal Rumble, RAW Superstar to get 'strong push', Braun Strowman's status - 15th December 2019

It's a stacked roundup!
It's a stacked roundup!

We're almost nearing the end of the decade and there are predictably a lot of rumors that are worth mentioning in today's edition of the daily roundup.

While TLC was in focus as it was the final PPV of the year, there were tons of other interesting stories that caught our attention.

A former Heavyweight Champion opened up about an offer he received to work for WWE and how it couldn't come to fruition.

A recently released Superstar made a surprise appearance for a rival promotion despite his no-compete clause with the WWE not coming to an end.

WWE may be testing out a new alliance on the live event circuit, and it shouldn't be long before we see the new manager-Superstar duo on TV.

There were also updates on The Usos and Braun Strowman, a push for a talented RAW Superstar and details about the future of Robert Roode.

We've got a solid lineup for you today, so let's get into the top rumors of the day without any further delay:

#7. The Usos' return and WWE status


The Usos have not been seen on WWE TV ever since Jimmy Usos was pulled up for another DUI offence. The 6-time Tag Team Champions have not wrestled a match on RAW since July and there has been a lot of talk surrounding their future with the company.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue, as always, had a much-needed update.

Tom posted a new video on his YouTube channel in which he previewed the TLC PPV while also sharing a few backstage updates. Colohue said that The Usos are expected to be back soon. He also added that the twins are not actually out due to personal issues, as previously claimed.

The former tag team champions have a limited contract which allows them to work only a few dates, which explains their absence. They are expected to be back by Royal Rumble as WWE would need their name power in the build-up to WrestleMania.

Here's what Tom had to share about The Usos' current status and return:

"The Usos are due back soon. They have a limited-term contract, whereby they only have to work so many dates, so you often get large patches that they and Naomi are missing in action. Last year it was just after WrestleMania, for example, we didn’t see them for a long time. While there are a lot of rumors that they are out for, let’s say personal issues, to my knowledge that’s not actually the case, it’s nearly the end of the year, similar to I think Daniel Bryan’s contract is, they have time off in their contracts, that they haven’t had much of it. So we are where we are. The Usos are expected back soon, at least around Rumble time, in the push towards WrestleMania where they will undoubtedly have a presence given their name factor alone."

#6. Aleister Black to get a strong push


It's a known fact that, behind the scenes, Aleister Black is a Paul Heyman guy

The former NXT Champion hasn't been featured consistently on the main roster thus far but that could all change for the good in the time to come.

WWE insider and Sportskeeda's very own Tom Colohue spoke about Aleister Black's future on his latest TLC preview YouTube video.

Tom stated that Black could be on the receiving end of a very strong push soon and it's not a far-fetched idea to see him take on the likes of Bray Wyatt in the future.

"Aleister Black is still looking to be getting a very strong push going forwards. I do think it won’t be too long before we see Black taking on people like Bray Wyatt. Although a Black Mass kick, a Black Mass kick to that Mask might not be the best idea. It’s not an easy phrase to say! Please don’t judge me!"

Black took on Buddy Murphy at the TLC PPV and came out on top after a solid match. Black and Murphy were thankfully given enough time to tell a story and showcase their in-ring skills.

There were countless near-falls, intricate chain wrestling sequences that included some hard-hitting kicks, and a perfectly-timed finish which saw Black knock Murphy out with the Black Mass.

Black may have even broken his nose during the match as he wrestled with a bloody nose en route to a win. Black and Murphy put in a shift at TLC, and while Buddy will also be featured prominently on RAW, Aleister could get a deserved push to the top spot soon.

#5. Daniel Cormier talks about offers to work with WWE


Daniel Cormier has been a life-long pro wrestling fan and it was always expected that the former UFC Heavyweight Champion will end up working for the WWE in some capacity once he retired from active MMA competition.

During a recent interview with BT Sport, DC revealed that he was offered a role on Fox's WWE Backstage but he couldn't commit to a deal due to UFC's relationship with ESPN.

Cormier also revealed that he was also called up to help with the build-up for Brock Lesnar's Crown Jewel match against Cain Velasquez, but his schedule didn't permit him from doing the same.

"I've talked with the WWE on a number of occasions, they want to work together. I almost came to the press conference for Brock [Lesnar] vs. Cain [Velasquez] to play the role of a fight builder. Unfortunately, my schedule didn't work. I got an offer to work that new show, WWE Backstage on [FS1].
Obviously, it didn't work with the new relationship with [UFC and] ESPN. But we are constantly trying to get me involved in the product. As a big-time fan of the WWE, nothing makes me happier. I've got some great opportunities, man. I'm lucky. I've got some things outside of the octagon that's gonna carry me for a long time." H/t Credit: WrestlingInc

DC is preparing for his Trilogy fight against reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, which should happen in 2020.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion should ideally have a role to play in the WWE once he finishes his MMA commitments.

#4. Was Sin Cara allowed to use his WWE name during his first appearance after release?


Sin Cara recently appeared at AAA's Guerra De Titanes show to save Pagano from a typical heel attack. It's interesting to note that Jorge Arias, the man behind the character, used the Sin Cara name and mask at the show.

Dave Meltzer revealed that there was no deal in place between the WWE and the Superstar to allow him to the Sin Cara name at a non-WWE show.

Sin Cara is currently in the midst of the 90-day non compete clause and his appearance at the AAA show was met with surprising reactions.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was released from the WWE recently along with Luke Harper, Viktor and Konnor. While it was initially speculated that he may give MMA a shot, it looks like AAA could be the 42-year-old performer's next destination.

As reported earlier by Tom Colohue, WWE sees no value in the Sin Cara character, which could be one reason why he used it outside the company.

#3. King Corbin could get a new manager


It's not uncommon for WWE to use Live Events to test out potential storylines and alliances.

WWE could be working towards a new one as King Corbin was managed by Drake Maverick at a recent house show in Wisconsin.

Dave Meltzer reported that the long-term plan is to make Maverick as King Corbin's manager on TV. If you remember, the Dog Food segment from a few weeks ago had a mysterious person under the ring who helped Corbin in isolating Roman Reigns.

The speculation is that the man under the ring was Drake Maverick and while WWE didn't get into the identity of the person, the angle is expected to play out on TV with Maverick being introduced as Corbin's spokesperson.

Corbin got the better of The Big Dog at TLC with the assistance of The Revival and Dolph Ziggler and, whether you like it or not, the storyline will be fleshed out further in the weeks to come.

#2. Braun Strowman comments on his absence


Braun Strowman was originally slated to take on Shinsuke Nakamura at TLC for the Intercontinental Championship, however, the match was nixed as the Monster Among Men reportedly suffered from back spasms, as revealed by Dave Meltzer the Wrestling Observer.

Strowman took to his Instagram handle to confirm that he was indeed out with a back injury.

The former RAW Tag Team Champion wrote, "I’m bored laying around nursing this old back of mine somebody make me laugh!!!!!"

Strowman should be back on TV soon to possibly build towards an IC title program against Nakamura. The Superstar is yet to win a singles title in the WWE and he could finally achieve the accolade in the first half of 2020 if WWE Creative wishes to go down that path.

#1. Robert Roode's WWE future


Robert Roode's suspension due to a wellness policy violation has been one of the biggest stories in the past week.

Will Roode's first strike negatively affect his WWE career? The good news is that the former NXT Champion may be let off the hook without any major repercussions.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue spoke about Roode's WWE career and noted that the violation shouldn't have a big impact on Roode's career.

Roman Reigns was also once infamously suspended for a policy violation but The Big Dog still maintained his top spot on the roster when he made his comeback.

While Roode may never get a Roman Reigns-like push, the former Impact Wrestling Star's WWE career should not have a major decline.

Here's what Tom had to say:

"Bobby Roode could not get involved, he is, of course, suspended due to a violation of the wellness policy. It’s been a while since we’ve had a violation of the wellness policy, the last one I can remember is Roman Reigns himself, so it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on Bobby Roode’s career."

Roode is serving his 30-day suspension period and it will be intriguing to see how WWE uses him once he is ready to return to TV.

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