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WWE Rumors: Backstage forces are pushing for Charlotte to win WrestleMania main event

  • Are WWE and Vince McMahon really going to have Becky Lynch lose?
Daniel Wood
Modified 06 Apr 2019, 17:05 IST
Will Vince McMahon really do the unthinkable at WrestleMania?
Will Vince McMahon really do the unthinkable at WrestleMania?

What's the story?

There has been a lot of rumors thrown around recently regarding the WrestleMania Main Event. People are suggesting that the Triple Threat Women's Title unification match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Ronda Rousey may not end how we think, with Rousey allegedly refusing to let Lynch pin her.

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I wanted to find out how much truth is there to this?

In case you didn't know...

The three women have been at each other's throats on social media with Becky Lynch making things personal between herself and Ronda Rousey by bringing both her partner, Travis Brown and her mother into it.

This sparked rumors that Ronda Rousey was legitimately upset with Becky Lynch's Twitter antics and was what started the Rousey breaking kayfabe tweets that earned WWE, and the match itself a lot of attention.

The heart of the matter


I reached out to several sources to ask if there was any truth to the story of Ronda Rousey refusing to be pinned by Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, and what I heard back wasn't directly the same thing.

One source told me Ronda Rousey does indeed have some backstage sway when it comes to the finish of the match, and they allege that Rousey wants to drop the title to Charlotte, not because of any real-life heat between her and Lynch, but because Charlotte winning was always the original plan.

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A second source indicated roughly the same thing, but added that Ronda Rousey saw Charlotte as someone who had the credentials and accolades to dethrone her, and that Lynch perhaps does not.

Both sources indicated that there were other prominent forces backstage pushing for Charlotte to win as well, with the feeling that this is a good opportunity to create a mega-heel and continue Lynch's hot babyface run.

What's next?

So, it seems there may indeed be some truth to this rumor that WWE are planning on putting the title on Charlotte.

However, and I really mean this. Please take this with a pinch of salt. I strongly believe that my sources have legitimately been told this, but there's a chance it's deliberate planting of news by WWE to muddy the waters of the main event and make it seem like Lynch might not win. I still personally feel that anything other than Lynch winning would be a mistake.

Who do you think should win WWE's first ever all-female main event match? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Published 06 Apr 2019, 17:05 IST
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