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WWE Rumors: Possible backstage reason for major turn being teased for former Intercontinental Champion

Published Jan 06, 2020
Jan 06, 2020 IST

McIntyre is a former IC Champion
McIntyre is a former IC Champion

The 'Scottish Psychopath' Drew McIntyre has been on a roll as of late, picking great momentum by bulldozing through competition on RAW. While the former 2-time Tag Team Champion is considered one of the biggest future stars in WWE, it has to be noted that the company has not been using him to the best of his potential.

While speaking on his podcast, Wade Keller of PWTorch talked about the possibility of Drew McIntyre being turned babyface by WWE. When a fan asked Keller if having McIntyre turn face and challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania would be a good idea, he responded by saying that he sees that turn coming for McIntyre and that Paul Heyman might be the reason behind it.

I think that Drew was definitely heading towards a babyface personality in the way he interacted with the crowd, but was badass in the ring. So, I think it may be testing the waters, or what if Paul Heyman told Drew to be a little looser. Because Drew is wound so tight. Heyman could have said 'we want you to show a wider range'. That could be step one of Paul hoping that fans cheer drew and then go to Vince and say that fans are cheering Drew, so let's have him in the rumble and face Brock Lesnar.

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Even though Drew McIntyre had worked as a babyface when he had returned to NXT, he has been a heel during most of his run with WWE. Having Drew McIntyre turn face would certainly give RAW a credible face who is cheered by the fans while being a monster inside the ring.

Do you think Drew McIntyre would be a good heel? Let us know in the comments.

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