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WWE News: Seth Rolllins talks about topping John Cena and AJ Styles

After all, he is "The Man!"

Seth Rollins
Will he reclaim the title he never lost?

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins appeared on  'The Kevin Sutton Show' last week on ESPN 580 in Orlando. Giving an interview he talked about various things including working with Roman Reigns and the pressure he feels being one of the top WWE Superstars.

Below are some highlights from his interview;

Rollins talked about facing the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns this Sunday, he said that this fight is going to be for the top spot of the company, between two of the best competitors:

"It's two guys (Rollins and Reigns) who want nothing but to be the absolute best, It's two guys who are extremely talented and hardworking individuals and want that top spot."

The former shield member also said that he feels huge responsibility being on the prime spot of the company and as to maintain his position, he will have to top guys like John Cena and AJ Styles;

"It's a huge responsibility to put on matches of a certain caliber when you're at that level, We want to run the show for a reason, we want to be the best for a reason - because we think we are. We're going to go out there and try to top John Cena and AJ Styles, try to top Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Cesaro. We're going to go out there and give everything we've got."

Seth Rollins is all set to go one on one against his former Shield brother Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday. 

You can watch the full interview featuring the no 1 contender for the WWE World heavyweight Championship below:


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