WWE SmackDown - 5 Possible surprises - Paul Heyman picks a new client, RAW Superstar traded for Big E, Top star turns heel

Following last week's super show, this week could be as packed!
Following last week's super show, this week could be as packed!
Riju Dasgupta

Last week's WWE SmackDown episode was absolutely star-studded. The numbers reflect this and one has to believe that the company will want to continue the momentum this week as well.

One doesn't let the steam fizzle out when they're doing things right. No, in fact, it makes sense to pack the follow-up show with surprises as well, so that there's no reason for the audience that's been hooked to drop off.

Here are 5 surprises that could indeed make WWE Smackdown a very fun show. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below.

#5 Parker Boudreaux makes his WWE SmackDown debut as Paul Heyman's new muscle

There have been many comparisons made between Parker Boudreaux and Brock Lesnar owing to their physical stature. Now that Paul Heyman is caught quite literally between a rock called Brock and a hard place called The Bloodline, he may need an ace up his sleeve. Luckily, there's a monster waiting in the wings to be called up, to make an instant impression on WWE SmackDown!

The name Harland has been bestowed upon Boudreaux, and one has to believe that there are big plans for him. It was Paul Heyman who put him over a long time ago and let's face it, a young upstart needs his help far more than Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns do. Imagine learning on the job from The Usos, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, AND Brock Lesnar.

Some really talented individuals like Dominik bypass the NXT system and this could be the case with Harland as well. We all know that we want to see a Brock Lesnar vs. Harland match at some point owing to their similarities. Could we see this fresh new face debut on WWE SmackDown?

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