WWE SmackDown: 5 Reasons why Kevin Owens is a babyface once again

We saw a massive change in character from Kevin Owens
We saw a massive change in character from Kevin Owens
Riju Dasgupta

In the latest WWE NEWS, Everyone expected SmackDown Live to follow in the footsteps of the precedent that Paul Heyman set with Monday Night RAW. Except it did not and it was just another by-the-numbers show, in my opinion.

However, one marked change that we saw from WWE this week was the new direction they teased for Kevin Owens. While he was the top heel, to a degree, on SmackDown Live, he seemed to tease a babyface turn at the top of the show.

But by the end of the night, it was firmly established that he will become a babyface, going forward. If we had any doubts about his future course of action, the Stunner to Dolph Ziggler should indicate what plans WWE has for him in the weeks to follow.

So why did Vince McMahon choose to make Kevin Owens a babyface once again?

#5 Ability to connect with the 'smart mark' crowd

What do I mean by a 'smart mark'? Well, a smart mark is a person like you or me, who is often aware of what is happening behind the scenes and how it all influences what we see on our television screens, week to week. This is a crowd that may be a lot more invested in say NXT or AEW, following the launch of the promotion.

Such a person may not see eye to eye with Vince McMahon in terms of booking, because McMahon is someone who's always valued the big muscle guys over 'independent wrestling' guys that look like Kevin Owens. In fact, Kevin Owens would probably not even have a job in the old WWE.

This is an audience that cares for individuals like Kevin Owens and will back him all the way to the top as a potential babyface Champion. With AEW getting so much positive press, this must be Vince McMahon's ploy to connect with this exclusive crowd.

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