WWE SmackDown - Best and worst- Reason why Seth Rollins could be Roman Reigns' new opponent, The significance of Mickie James' big return 

Roman Reigns was in for a surprise on WWE SmackDown
Roman Reigns was in for a surprise on WWE SmackDown
Riju Dasgupta

The best part of WWE SmackDown was something that nobody except a select few at Sportskeeda Wrestling was privy to. The legendary Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Colter during his WWE stint, was having a meltdown during some of the show's more outrageous segments.


There was much colorful language used, and you can catch his opinion on our YouTube channel. There's no denying that there were some aspects of WWE SmackDown that were good, but others simply fell short of the mark. And that is why you, good sir or ma'am, are here!

For the separation of the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff, the epic from the epic fails. Welcome to the best and worst of WWE SmackDown, a signature Sportskeeda tradition. Feel free to voice your thoughts, views, and feelings in the comments.

Also, do let us know which direction Paul Heyman is headed - is he aligned with his Tribal Chief or advocating for The Beast Incarnate?

#3 Best/Worst: The WWE SmackDown main event

It's one thing to find a table or chair under a ring because that's what the production crew would ideally use for WWE SmackDown or RAW. In which world would someone from the production team keep a suit of armor under the ring? This was so over-the-top that it was difficult to watch the contest as an adult.

Moreover, how many times do we need to see The New Day face The Usos? The matches are good, but let's just move on from here. Let's not make the audience sick of watching two of the greatest tag teams of all time face each other again and again.

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team division is truly sparse. Maybe with the forbidden door being opened, The Good Brothers come in for a small run?

#2 Best: Mickie James opens the Forbidden Door

Well, well, well… congrats to @IMPACTWRESTLING Knockouts WORLD Champion @MickieJames and congrats to @WWE for finally walking through the forbidden door.Welcome to the party!See you at #HardToKill tomorrow on @FiteTV…

The most surprising WWE SmackDown development has to be the inclusion of Mickie James in the Royal Rumble. Especially because she's supposed to face Deonna Purrazzo at Hard to Kill, the upcoming pay-per-view this weekend.

One has to wonder what this decision means for the future if there will be a constant exchange of IMPACT Wrestling and WWE talent going forward. Imagine a match between Moose and Big E at some point.

#2 Worst: The low point of WWE SmackDown as always, albeit with a decent Scottish accent

Riddick Moss is clearly a talented cat and the Scottish accent that he spoke in seemed pretty authentic. That said, this was certainly the low point of WWE SmackDown and it was not entertaining at all.

Week after week, one is compelled to switch over to other kinds of programming every time Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are on. Yes, heels are not supposed to do cool things but at the same time, these WWE SmackDown segments are really becoming unbearable.

#1 Best: The fiery closing segment of WWE SmackDown this week

You can criticize the WWE SmackDown appearance of a RAW Superstar because it dilutes the brand split and your opinion would be justified. You could also critique the fact that two of the best heels in the business would be facing each other, which is a genuine issue.

That said, it is impossible to deny that Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns is a big deal and it is way more exciting than anything that's happened in a while.

What a great way to close out WWE SmackDown this week, when the show was going off the rails a bit.

The only reason the match is happening is that there isn't anyone else on the active roster that's at Roman Reigns' level right now. Especially with Drew McIntyre out of action.

#1 Worst: How can we take Sami Zayn seriously after this?

You took your eye off the ball, @SamiZayn!#SmackDown

Sami Zayn came up short against Rick Boogs, got tossed over the top rope by Johnny Knoxville, and is supposed to be a credible threat for Shinsuke Nakamura?

Give us a break! If he was booked in the right manner, he would have been a credible threat for Roman Reigns! He's entertaining, can obviously wrestle, and excels in just about any role he is put in.

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