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WWE Smackdown Live 20th September - Reading Between the Lines of Each Segment

The WWE Universe got something they rarely see - John Cena losing clean!

Ambrose vs Cena....A potential future feud?

After WWE Raw produced all the goods this week in trying to boost ratings (Owens vs Reigns Steel Cage, Rollins vs Rusev), Smackdown Live had to counter with some big matches of its own, announcing Dean Ambrose vs John Cena for the main event and The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title. Did these matches deliver? Would we see a new champion or the A-Lister standing tall?

Would we see another Cena victory or an upset win by the Lunatic Fringe? These questions and more were answered throughout this week’s Smackdown Live as I Read Between the Lines of Each Segment for the 20th September edition of Smackdown Live.

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