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WWE SmackDown Live Results 7th February 2017, Latest SmackDown Live winners, review and video highlights

The go-home show for Elimination Chamber featured a Cena vs Orton main-event and more.

The go-home show for Elimination Chamber

SmackDown Live took place in Seatlle, Washington tonight. The main event saw John Cena take on Randy Orton, which is still supposed to main event Wrestlemania. The go-home show to Elimination Chamber did a brilliant job of hyping up the PPV and Raw can actually learn a lot from the way SmackDown book their go-home shows. Now, without further delay, let’s get right to the results.

Daniel Bryan addresses the WWE Universe

Daniel Bryan kicked off SmackDown

SmackDown Live kicked off with GM Daniel Bryan coming out to address the fans. SmackDown came to us from Daniel Bryan’s home-state and the crowd were even more vociferous for Bryan than usual. This was the same arena where Bryan announced his retirement last year.

Bryan came out and spoke about his retirement until he was interrupted by The Miz. Miz came out and told Bryan to leave and become a go-home dad since he couldn’t wrestle any more. Bryan replied that not being able to wrestle never stopped The Miz from entering the ring.

In the face of loud ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants, Miz did his best to announce his Elimination Chamber plans. Miz and Bryan were soon joined by Baron Corbin, who’s been on a roll recently.Corbin came out and told Miz that he needed to learn when to shut up. Miz told Corbin that they should work together in the Chamber on Sunday, to which Corbin replied that he wanted to take Miz out on the spot.

Ambrose’s music hit at this point. He came down to the ring with a mic and told Miz he looked like a shoe in his outfit. Ambrose then told Corbin that he’d stolen the “motorcycle sounds” from his theme music but he had a long way to go before he was in Ambrose’s shoes. He finished off by saying that he would be right at home in the Elimination Chamber.

Former WWE Champion AJ Styles came out to join the fray at this point. He said that it looked like facts didn’t matter all of a sudden, or at least that’s what it seemed like according to the promos in the ring. He added that he would leave Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion.

At this point Daniel Bryan booked Miz, Corbin, Ambrose and Styles in a Fatal-4-Way match.

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