WWE SmackDown Results May 1st, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

It was an action-filled night
It was an action-filled night

Daniel Bryan kicked off SmackDown and said that he was excited for the Money in the Bank match that will take place on the many floors of the WWE Headquarters. He had hoped that Drew Gulak would be able to accompany him in the match but last week thanks to Baron Corbin, he was injured. He called Corbin out and The King said Daniel should be careful what he wishes for before they agreed on a match.

Daniel Bryan vs. King Corbin

A great match to kick things off
A great match to kick things off

Bryan got some offense in right away but Corbin managed to grapple him onto the mat, slowing things down. Corbin continued his onslaught and maintained control of the match as he sent Bryan into the steel ring post.

Bryan turned things around with a dive to the outside and then a missile dropkick in the ring before locking in the ankle lock. Corbin headed outside and as Bryan followed him, Baron sent a ladder into Bryan's face, earning a disqualification.

Result: Daniel Bryan def. King Corbin via DQ

After the match, a ladder was brought into the ring, and Corbin ended up on it, caught in the yes lock. Nakamura and Cesaro came out of nowhere and attacked Bryan before throwing him into a bunch of ladders.

Match rating: B+

Braun Strowman was out and was greeted by Bray Wyatt from the Funhouse where he would tell the story of the Black Sheep. Wyatt referred to himself as the Shepherd and said the Lizard People took away the sheep. Braun said he was done with these puppets and asked him to come face to face before Wyatt said 'bye' and disappeared.

Sheamus vs. Leon Ruff

Leon hit two dropkicks and had no effect on the 'Fella. Sheamus caught him and hit three backbreakers before sending him outside.

Sheamus vs. Leon Ruff (contd...)

Sheamus hit Ruff with some devastating blows to the chest before getting the win off a Brogue Kick. Another huge win for the 'Fella as his streak continues.

Result: Sheamus def. Leon Ruff

Match rating: C

Sheamus was still mad at Michael Cole and it looked like it was because Jeff Hardy and Cole are good friends. Cole took us through another part of the documentary about Hardy that focused on his knee surgery and return to the ring before announcing that Jeff would be there next week. Sheamus said he would be too, before walking off.

Backstage, Mandy said she was focusing on her match with Carmella while Otis was sure he would win against Dolph Ziggler later in the night.

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose - MITB Qualifier match

Carmella and Mandy were exchanging holds early on when Sonya DeVille came out to distract Mandy by giving a long lecture about their past Money in the Bank and then challenging her to a match, in the middle of the already ongoing match.

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose - MITB Qualifier match (contd...)

Will she go on to win the briefcase a second time?
Will she go on to win the briefcase a second time?

Mandy turned to face Sonya and Carmella took advantage of the situation with a big superkick and got the three count.

Result: Carmella def. Mandy Rose and will join the MITB ladder match

After the bell, Sonya attacked Mandy and sent her into the steel steps, knocking her out with a knee strike before officials came out to stop the brutality. Before leaving, Sonya vowed to ruin Mandy's life.

Match rating: B+

Backstage, Otis was furious and ran into Dolph who asked if Mandy was okay. Otis said nothing as we headed to the next segment.

New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons

A great performance from the NXT team
A great performance from the NXT team

Big E and Cutler started us off and Miz and Morrison were on commentary, arguing about cartoons and meal prepping for the kids. The Sons hit a double team move on Big E as Miz and Morrison started singing their theme song while arguing with Cole.

New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons (contd...)

The Sons avoided the Midnight Hour and Jaxson Ryker sent E into the ring post. A powerbomb/backstabber and a reverse DDT/Stomp combination on Kofi secured the win for the newcomers.

Result: The Forgotten Sons def. New Day

Match rating: B

Backstage, Tamina was approached by Sasha Banks who was just a distraction for Bayley to attack her. Sasha joined the brawl and so did Lacey Evans before the officials broke it up.

Still backstage, Dolph and Sonya were talking about how 'guys like Otis' don't win in life.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler - MITB Qualifier match

Otis came in strong, hitting a shoulder tackle and sending Dolph halfway across the ring followed by a vertical suplex. Dolph managed to turn things around and sent Otis into the steel post before hitting a big dropkick.

Otis went for the caterpillar but Dolph rolled out of the ring. Otis reversed the Famouser but took the ZigZag for a near fall. Otis reversed another finisher and hit the caterpillar for the win.

Result: Otis def. Dolph Ziggler and will join the MITB ladder match

Match rating: A

Episode rating: B+

An eventful episode as we head into Money in the Bank. Mandy and Sonya's rivalry reached new heights while Wyatt taunted Braun some more and Jeff Hardy's return was announced tonight.

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