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Opinion: Why WWE should reunite Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin on SmackDown Live!

23 May 2019, 20:55 IST

Benjamin and Gable worked well as a heel tag team on the B show
Benjamin and Gable worked well as a heel tag team on the B show

The Superstar Shakeup and the injury to Jeff Hardy have left a huge hole in the tag team division of WWE's blue brand - SmackDown Live. The fact that a RAW tag team had battled for the vacant SmackDown Tag Team Championships shows how shallow the division is. The current champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, do not get enough TV time to start a new feud. Hence, it can be concluded that the SmackDown tag team division is in its worst phase.

Gone are those days when we used to have a classic rivalry between the New Day and the Usos for the SmackDown tag team championships - even the 'Fashion Files' segments have become extinct. The Bludgeon Brothers are no longer active, and The Bar has been split up amidst rumors that Sheamus might be on the road to retirement.

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The SmackDown tag team division has only 4 tag teams - namely, the B Team, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, Heavy Machinery, and Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev.

If WWE wants to save the division from becoming a complete afterthought, more teams need to be added in order to introduce some depth to the roster. They can take the first step in this direction by reuniting the tag team of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. This team was split up for no reason during the 2018 Superstar Shakeup, but now Chad Gable has returned to SmackDown Live once again.

The two former partners are on the same brand, and find themselves equally directionless, in terms of storylines. They can help in bolstering the tag team division by reuniting. This way, they can also get themselves involved in some meaningful rivalries with established superstar teams.

Bryan and Rowan do not have any challengers, so WWE can even announce Gable and Benjamin as their first challengers. Though they portrayed heel characters last time, they can play fan favorites here.

Since Daniel Bryan will not travel to Saudi Arabia, WWE can announce a match between all the teams of SmackDown (including Gable and Benjamin) and let the reunited team win.


This decision will draw the WWE Universe's attention towards the SmackDown tag team division once again. Bryan and Rowan, and Gable and Benjamin should then be given the proper time to build a good feud before they clash at the Stomping Grounds event on June 23. All 4 superstars are great inside the ring and thus, the WWE Universe will surely be entertained.

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Should WWE reunite Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin? Share your views in the comments box below.

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