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WWE's Southpaw Regional Wrestling show cast and review

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Southpaw Regional Wrestling is the new sensation to hit

There is a new series on the YouTube channel that has taken the wrestling world by storm.

The series features a fictional renegade wrestling promotion called Southpaw Regional Wrestling. The storyline so goes that the WWE found out videos of the promotion while browsing through its archives to add content on the WWE Network.

WWE added a backstory to the promotion from a Kayfabe point of view, terming it as one of the most prominent territories in the United States. The promotion was termed to be at its zenith back in 1987 competing with the erstwhile WWF that was spearheaded by the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage.

The mini-series features the talents of many Superstars from the current WWE roster.

- Tex Ferguson - Luke Gallows
- Chad 2 Badd - Karl Anderson
- Chett Chetterfield - Fandango
- Lance Catamaran - John Cena
- John Johnson - TJ Perkins
- Clint Bobski - Chris Jericho
- Chip Henderson - John Cone
- Ric Flair Paid Impersonator - Ric Flair
- Impressive Pelvis Wesley - Heath Slater
- Big Bartholomew - Rusev
- Surf Dudes With Attitudes - The Ascension
- Mr. Mackelroy - Tyler Breeze
- La Barba Grande - Luke Harper
- Spanish Voiceover Guy - Carlos Cabrera
- Christian Joy – Lana

The man behind the Sea Creature character is not yet known. The names of Sheamus, Cesaro, Baron Corbin, and Jack Swagger are being thrown in the air.

The web series is a satirical take by the WWE on the territory culture prevalent in wrestling throughout the 80s. The four episodes combined have over a million views on WWE’s official YouTube channel so far.

However, the sad part about the show is that it hasn’t been featured on the WWE Network. Rather, the episodes were promoted on John Cena, who plays Lance Catamaran, tweeted that the show could gain more prominence if the WWE Universe so demanded.

The IMDB ratings of the show have gone off the roof, standing at an impressive 9.5 rating through 65 reviews.

While shows like Camp WWE, Swerved and Story Time on the WWE Network have not managed to reach their full potential, Southpaw Regional Wrestling knocks the ball out of the park in that regard. It is perhaps WWE’s most authentic program in recent memory.

The character depth is incredible, and the performances of the cast have put the show on a different level of spectacular.

Lance Catamaran (John Cena) and Chett Chetterfield (Fandango) are the presenters of the show who have their problems.

Chetterfield is portrayed as a clinically depressed drinker who often remains drunk during the broadcast. He is a lonely man in a mid-life crisis abandoned by his adulterous wife, Susan.

John Cena as Lance Catamaran on Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Catamaran, on the other hand, seems to have things under control and is busy working his job as a presenter, selling the most action packed event in the history of professional Wrestling, the Lethal Leap Year.

Catamaran looks to be a throwback to the voice of Memphis Wrestling, Lance Russell. As revealed in future episodes, Catamaran has limited talent as an announcer and revels in his past glory of a six-week stint as a News presenter in Utica, New York.

Catamaran struggles to maintain order in the promotion that is fueled by chaos and entropy.

John Johnson (TJ Perkins) has the mantle of being the Southpaw Regional Champion. In an interview with Clint Bobski, a character brought to life by the incredibly talented Chris Jericho; Johnson showcases his ‘promo skills.’

Johnson is painted in the likeness of a generic 80s jobber with very few words and little to no charisma.

Chris Jericho and Rusev as Clint Bobski and Big Bartholomew

The show has the potential of becoming one of the most viewed series if promoted the right way. This series has given the fans a window to see some of the less featured WWE Superstars such as Fandango and the Ascension.

It also gives the fans a chance to look at their favourite WWE Superstars in a different light. TJ Perkins and Rusev as John Johnson and Big Bartholomew respectively, are startling examples of the abilities of these men if given free rein.

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The impact of the show could be seen right away when Fandango was featured in a singles match against John Cena on SmackDown LIVE.

Speaking from a business point of view, the show has already been able to incorporate KFC advertisements employing the vocal talents of Ric Flair. There are also rumblings of a new merchandise line based on the characters and logo of Southpaw Regional Wrestling that will serve to distinguish the religious wrestling fans from the casual viewers.

In its very least, WWE have hit upon a cash cow in Southpaw Regional Wrestling. This brand of shows is exactly what the WWE Network needs.

There are rumours that the show will not go beyond the current four episodes but John Cena has approached fans to voice their opinions and show their support if they want to view some more episodes of the hilarious parody.  

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