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WWE Stomping Grounds: 5 Reasons why Lacey Evans as the special guest referee was a great move

Riju Dasgupta
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14.01K   //    24 Jun 2019, 08:42 IST

Believe it or not, I quite liked Evans as referee
Believe it or not, I quite liked Evans as referee

Stomping Grounds is in the books and in my opinion, it was a pretty solid show from start to finish with no part-timers at all. It just goes to prove that when WWE invests in the full-timers, they deliver and then some!

So one of the biggest questions heading into the main event was who the special guest referee was going to be. When Lacey Evans was announced as Baron Corbin's choice, needless to say, the fans were not very happy.

There were 'boring' chants which was fine, but then they were compounded by AEW and CM Punk chants, which I thought was supremely disrespectful to the Superstars inside the squared circle. If you have a problem with WWE Creative, why do you want to derail the hard work of a performer like Seth Rollins who gives it his all every time he competes?

In any case, this article is my attempt to justify WWE's decision in making Lacey Evans the guest referee.

#5 Seth Rollins could not assault her with the chair

Let's get the most obvious reason out of the way first. Baron Corbin picked a variety of potential referees who would call the match based on his heelish instructions. And each one of them ate steel thanks to Seth Rollins.

Rollins promised at the start of the match that anyone Baron Corbin had picked would bear his brunt. But gosh and golly, how can the top babyface of the company hit a woman and especially a lady, with a steel chair?

In many ways, this was the only decision that Baron Corbin could make so as to swerve the crowd. I know that a lot of you expected it to be someone like Bray Wyatt, but I didn't want Wyatt's storyline mixed up here.

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