WWE Superstars and their tattoos

WWE Superstars and their tattoos
AJ Styles gets a tattoo of his daughter’s date of birth on his abdomen

While a WWE Superstars’ persona and flair are often depicted through their entrance music, ring gear and their distinctive arsenal of manoeuvres, their tattoos often give us an insight of who they really are in their personal lives. Many pro wrestlers choose to express their ideas and vision by getting artwork on their bodies.

Although, some of these tattoos have a story behind them, the others are just symbols, with no apparent meaning attached to it.

Let us take a look at some of the Superstars, both past and present, to find out the hidden meaning of their tattoos!

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Brock Lesnar’s Tattoos

brock lesnar tattoo

The proponent of ‘Eat, Sleep. Conquer, Repeat’, is a freak of nature, so much that the UFC colour commentator, Joe Rogan, described him as ‘genetically superior’ to other athletes.

In his autobiography, Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival, Lesnar explains how his drunken adventures led to the tattoo of a sword on his chest. He also notes the significance of the particular tattoo; that reminds him of an unpleasant experience of his life, involving WWE.

While Lesnar has not commented on it, the tattoo of the demonic figure on his back might reflect his on-screen gimmick of The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar also sports a few other tattoos on his back, one of which is a tribute to his favourite band. Click the link below to find out which one it is!

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CM Punk’s Tattoos

cm punk tattoo

While CM Punk is no longer associated with WWE, his contributions to the wrestling world cannot be undermined. A self-assertive person, Punk likes to carry his ideology on his body and sports as many as thirteen tattoos.

Although some of his tattoos have deep-seated meanings, the others are just random pieces of artwork. When asked about the significance of the ‘Pepsi’ tattoo, Punk casually replied that he just likes Pepsi. The Cobra tattoo on his chest refers to his love for G.I. Joe comics and cartoons.

Likewise, Punk has a host of symbolic tattoos; but to find out more about them, you’ll have to click the link below!

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The Undertaker’s Tattoos

the undertaker tattoo

The Undertake is perhaps most known for his glorious Wrestlemania streak, of an unprecedented 21 straight victories; but not many of you may know, that the Deadman was the one to bring the ink culture to wrestling.

The macabre entity of WWE, Taker, has a fetish for infernal artwork, and hosts tattoos of skulls, skeletons, wizards, demons and castles, all over his upper body. Over the years, The Phenom has replaced, modified and covered up some of them; the few untouched ones are synonymous with his on-screen persona.

The tattoo of Sara, which he got as a wedding gift, for his former wife, of the same name, was perhaps the most distinguished tattoo that Taker had. He got it removed following the couple’s divorce. It was also the most painful experience The Deadman had, while under the needle.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson's Tattoos

the rock tattoo

The Rock takes immense pride in his Samoan and African-American heritage. The incredible artwork that adorns his right arm is a tribute to his people and illustrates the beliefs of his ancestors, the love he has for his family and his warrior spirit that beams from within.

The Rock had been cooking (pun intended) his tattoo with the help of a well known Tahitian tattooist, Po'oino Yrondi, in his home state of Hawaii. The entire tattoo took 60 hrs (3 sessions of 20 hrs) to complete, and the People’s Champ took comfort in music to mask the gruelling pain.

To understand the complete breakdown of The Rock’s tattoo, visit the page listed below!

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Randy Orton’s Tattoos

randy orton tattoo

While popular belief might suggest, that Orton's initial push in WWE was courtesy his family name, it is safe to say that the Apex Predator has surpassed those notions, and has emerged as one of the most talented pro wrestlers of his generation.

Apart from wrestling, Randy Orton is also a big fan of getting inked. With a plethora of tattoos embellishing his body, the artwork has become a significant part of his overall personality.

Orton has got four tattoos inked on his forearm, one on his back and two on his upper arms/biceps. Apart from the tattoo on his back, the others signify different events in his life. He even had to cover up one of his tattoos. To read more about them click the link below!

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Roman Reigns’ Tattoos

roman reigns tattoo

Just like his non-biological cousin, The Rock, Roman Reigns wears his heritage on his sleeves, quite literally! Reigns has a Polynesian style tattoo that has deep meaning and symbolism. The Big Dog got inked by legendary tattoo artist, Michael Fatutoa aka Samoan Mike from Sacred Centre Tattoo.

The epic tattoo took Fatutoa 17 hours to complete. Reigns also has a portion of the tattoo dedicated to his daughter, Joelle. To find out more about Reigns’ tattoo click the link below, also find out, other Superstars who got inked by the legendary Samoan!

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Kevin Owens’ Tattoos

kevin owens tattoo

The WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, is the man of the moment, his amazing heel antics and profound wrestling skills has made him the highlight of the flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

But what people don’t know about KO, is his love for getting inked. Kevin Owens has a number of tattoos on his hands, knuckles and legs. The tattoo of the letter 'K' on his right leg, is his wife Karina’s initial.

Owens also has a tattoo of a bull inked on his right shoulder. At first glance, it might appear as a tribute to The Rock, but trust me, guys, it is far from it! To find out the secret behind the Bull and his other tattoos, click on the link below!

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Finn Balor’s Body Paint

finn balor body paint

Although Finn Balor was introduced to the WWE Universe in 2014, he has been a part of the wrestling industry since, early 2000’s. The Demon King paid his dues on the indie circuit, before making a career-defining move to the mecca of wrestling, WWE.

Ever since he made his debut in WWE developmental territory, NXT, Balor became a fan favourite. While he had already been using body paint since his New Japan Pro Wrestling days, it was at WWE, where he unleashed the Demon persona. His alter ego, The Demon King, is a play on his wrestling name, Finn Balor.

His first name Finn refers to Finn McCool a mythical Irish hunter and warrior, who is well-known in Ireland, while Balor was king of the Fomorians, a group of supernatural beings.

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