WWE Survivor Series Results November 22nd, 2020: Survivor Series 2020 Winners, Grades, Video Highlights

Thank You Taker!
Thank You Taker!

WWE Survivor Series kicked right off with the men's 5 on 5 Survivor Series match. The kickoff show saw Gobbledy Gooker pick up the 24/7 title from R-Truth while The Miz won the multi-brand Battle Royal.

AJ Styles was out first for the first match of the PPV and was about to speak as team captain but was interrupted by Riddle's entrance.

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Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown - Men's Survivor Series match

What was Rollins thinking??
What was Rollins thinking??

The two teams stepped in the ring and Seth Rollins seemed as distant as ever from what was going on in the ring. AJ started off the match against Jey Uso and hit a dropkick early on to slow Uso down.

Corbin was tagged in and he took control of the match before tagging in Otis. AJ went for a tag and Riddle came in and managed to counter Otis' offense. Otis ignored the kicks and dropped Riddle for a near fall before tagging in KO at Survivor Series.

Sheamus was tagged in and Seth Rollins volunteered to step in and Kevin Owens tagged him in. Seth turned to his own teammates before getting on his knees in the ring. Sheamus was angry and hit the Brogue Kick before eliminating Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.

Team Blue was furious with Seth Rollins and was revising their strategy at ringside when Strowman plowed through them, sending Corbin in the ring and tagging in Riddle. Lee and Otis were in and the two were matched in power as both men refused to go down.

Lee lifted Otis on his back but Otis got out in time. Strowman was tagged in and took down Otis but Otis slapped him. Strowman hit a dropkick and tagged in AJ. KO was made legal and hit a back body drop on AJ and then a backbreaker for a near fall.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown - Men's Survivor Series match (contd...)

Styles hit the Phenomenal forearm and eliminated Kevin Owens at Survivor Series. Corbin came in and hit the End of Days on Styles for a near fall before Riddle tagged in to eliminate King Corbin.

The score was now 5-2 in favor of RAW. Uso and Sheamus were in the ring and Uso managed to survive a Brogue Kick before taking the 10 chops on the ropes. Otis was back in and managed to clear the ring before Strowman tagged back in.

Otis and Braun ran into each other but neither took damage before Otis dropped Braun with a slam and hit the elbow drop. Braun recovered and took out with the running power slam on Otis for their fourth elimination.

Uso was the only man left on team SmackDown and was putting up a good fight and took out Braun and AJ. Lee sneaked in a tag without Uso's knowledge and while he was going for the frog splash on AJ, Keith Lee caught him on his back and hit the spirit bomb to eliminate Jey.

Result: Team RAW won the Men's Survivor Series match with a clean sweep (5-0)

Match rating: A

The Street Profits were backstage during Survivor Series, humming The Undertaker's entrance music and hyped the farewell of the Deadman before talking about facing the New Day next.

The New Day vs. The Street Profits - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series

Dawkins and Woods kicked off the match before Kofi and Ford were tagged in. Ford hit a huge dropkick and then tagged Dawkins in for a double-team move. After a bit of back and forth, Kingston hit a massive Splash on Montez Ford and Woods took out Dawkins before hitting a gutbuster on Ford.

Kofi mocked Ford and Dawkins before Dawkins finally got the tag and hit the splash on Kofi and followed up with a Double Underhook Twisting Neckbreaker on Xavier Woods. Dawkins and Ford were punishing Woods before Dawkins hit him with a Running Sliced Bread.

Kofi hit Boom Drops on Ford before taking a dropkick. Tez hit the top rope splash but hurt his ribs so bad he could barely get the pin. They hit Woods with the double team Blockbuster and picked up the win at Survivor Series!

Result: The Street Profits def. The New Day

Match rating: A

Backstage at Survivor Series, the Women's team of SmackDown couldn't decide on a captain yet while on the RAW side of things, Nia Jax was warning the others not to tag in Lana.

Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series

Zayn was not happy with the Hurt Business hanging around at ringside and was avoiding getting into an actual fight with Lashley but the US champ came after him anyway.

Sami Zayn was out of the ring again to recuperate and The Hurt Business mocked and distracted him while Lashley attacked him from behind again. Back in the ring, Sami managed to send Bobby into the ring post and then went to work by throwing him out of the ring again. Sami tried to expose the steel on the turnbuckles but Shelton and Cedric interrupted him.

Lashley tossed Sami around a few times before MVP tripped Zayn outside the ring. Bobby Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock off the distraction and that was it at Survivor Series!

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Sami Zayn

Match rating: B

Backstage at Survivor Series, Roman Reigns was greatly disappointed with Jey Uso for losing to Team RAW told him to find his brother and get out of 'his' arena.

Asuka vs. Sasha Banks - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series

Banks started off strong and locked in a headlock as the match began but Asuka got out and Banks turned it into an armbar. Sasha rolled into the Banks Statement and Asuka was holding on as they traded covers. Banks was almost caught in the Asuka Lock but hit the backstabber for a near fall.

Banks went back to the armbar after a good sequence from Asuka and Sasha was relying on submission holds more than usual. They were on the apron and Asuka kicked Banks down before sending her outside with the hip attack.

Banks leaped off the barricade and Asuka caught her with her knees up before getting a near fall in the ring. Banks locked in the Banks Statement after missing a splash and Asuka turned it around before hitting the double knees off the ropes at Survivor Series.

Asuka vs. Sasha Banks - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series (contd...)

Asuka was dominating all of a sudden with big kicks after Banks got another near fall off a Sunset Flip. Asuka went for a backslide but Banks sidestepped before Asuka came in with a high kick but Banks rolled her up when she ran in. Banks picked up the three-count off the rollup at Survivor Series.

Result: Sasha Banks def. Asuka

Match rating: B

Gobbledy Gooker was backstage at Survivor Series and walked into a trail of birdseed that ended with a trap that let Akira Tozawa pick up the 24/7 title via pinfall. R-Truth wasted no time and hit Tozawa with a bag of birdseed and pinned him to become the 24/7 champ once more.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown - Women's Survivor Series match

Bayley and Evans started off the match and Natalya was tagged in after Evans was dragged to the blue team's corner. Liv and Royce were legal and Morgan made the tag to Ruby before Baszler came in and hit a backbreaker on Riott.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown - Women's Survivor Series match (contd...)

Jax was in and the Blue team joined forces for a bit to take her down. Liv tagged in and Lana stole a tag from Jax and was allowed to step in. Natalya was in and Lana was actually doing well before Jax tagged in and they put her on 'time out' at Survivor Series.

Royce was in and Bayley took her to the corner before hitting a Suplex and Belair lifted Peyton up and hit the Snake Eyes. Royce hit a superplex on Bayley to the outside, taking out both teams.

Royce hit the Deja Vu on Bayley and picked up the elimination.

Natalya went for the Sharpshooter and eliminated Royce via submission.

Natalya went for the Sharpshooter on Baszler but Evans hit her with the Women's Right and eliminated Natalya. Evans hit the Spanish Fly on Belair but Riott and Morgan broke up the pin at Survivor Series.

The Riott Squad teamed up against Jax who managed to tag in Shayna. Riott was caught in the Khirifuda Cluth and Riott managed to get a rollup but Jax distracted the ref from counting.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown - Women's Survivor Series match (contd...)

Riott passed out from the submission and Baszler pinned her. Liv Morgan managed to hit a crucifix bomb and eliminated Lacey Evans at Survivor Series.

Morgan went after Nia but was tossed away. Liv hit a DDT but was met with a Samoan Drop while Belair was stopped by Baszler from breaking the pin. Nia Jax eliminated Liv Morgan.

Bianca Belair was using her agility to stay alive in the match and managed to kick out of a leg drop from Nia before kicking Jax off the top rope. Baszler locked in the Khirifuda but Belair got out. Baszler locked it in again on the mat and Belair got up with Baszler still on her back.

Belair passed out on the ropes and caused Baszler to be eliminated via DQ. Belair and Jax were outside and were both counted out after Jax was tossed into the steel steps. Nia and Bianca got a double count-out, letting Lana pick up the win.

Result: Team RAW won the Women's Survivor Series match

Match rating: A+

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series

The two champs started things off slow and traded submissions early on in the match at Survivor Series. Roman stepped out of the ring for a breather and then came back in after some taunts from the virtual audience.

Reigns hit some big strikes and was dominating the slow-paced match before McIntyre turned things around and hit a neck breaker, speeding things up. Drew missed the Futureshock and took a Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Drew hit a Spinebeuster for a near fall before tossing Roman into the steel steps outside. Reigns took a Glasgow Kiss and then the Futureshock DDT for a near fall. Roman came back with a Superman Punch and sent Drew into the ring post.

McIntyre reversed a Spear attempt by Reigns and managed to get in a Kimura Lock but Reigns got to the ropes. Reigns managed to send McIntyre into the announce table before driving him through it with a Samoan Drop.

Reigns speared Drew through the barricade but he still kicked out. McIntyre again kicked out of a spear before Reigns set up for the finisher but took the claymore. The ref was knocked out and Jey came out but Drew took him out off the apron at Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre - Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series (contd...)

Reigns hit a low-blow and got the Guillotine while another referee came in and called the match since McIntyre passed out at Survivor Series.

Result: Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre

Roman walked up the ramp after the match toward Jey Uso and hugged him before celebrating one last time.

Match rating: A+

The Undertaker's Final Farewell kicked off with Shane McMahon, The Big Show, JBL, Jeff Hardy, The Godfather, The Godwins, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, Kane, and Mick Foley coming out to the ring.

We got a few snippets of interviews from greats like Stone Cold and Batista within the video package celebrating The Deadman's career. Mr. McMahon was out next and gave an emotional farewell to the Undertaker, talking about his three decades of hard work in WWE and the lasting impression he made.

The man himself made his entrance one final time - WWE even had a musical tesla coil on set shooting lightning while playing Taker's music. The Undertaker got on the mic and said that after 30 years, his time had come.

He dropped to his knee and did the iconic pose one last time while an image of Paul Bearer appeared in front of him. The music started playing again as the Deadman looked on and rolled his eyes before walking out at Survivor Series.

PPV Rating: A

RAW picked up some big wins while Reigns got the last laugh over McIntyre. The two Survivor Series matches and the main event were highlights of the night, apart from the Undertaker's touching farewell.

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