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Teaming Seth Rollins with AJ Styles would be Best for Business

Tom Clark
1.56K   //    05 Jun 2016, 13:19 IST
Seth Rollins is back and ready to be WWE’s top heel again

Seth Rollins is back as WWE’s top heel, and it could not have come at a better time. Fans that have followed the product since he went out with injury know there was no full time Superstar to assume his role. Triple H was the only one that could really lay claim to the title of primary antagonist, but he too is now on the sidelines.

AJ Styles is the newest star to shock the world and turn heel, as he laid waste to John Cena on the May 30 edition of Monday Night Raw. The Phenomenal One had a phenomenal run with Roman Reigns, but once that ended, so too did AJ’s good guy persona. Now Styles is headed for a major rivalry with WWE’s perennial babyface.

But as these two men begin their headlining feuds with WWE’s two major protagonists; their meeting on TV seems inevitable. This could be the beginning of what could become the hottest new heel partnership in WWE.

This combination was surely going to happen at some point, though fans likely believed the two would be standing across the ring from each other. Indeed, both AJ and Seth are known for their prowess in the ring, and they would surely put on an explosive match.

The company is known for its hardworking talents, and those talents do a tremendous job of giving fans the best show in town. From Sami Zayn to Kevin Owens to Cesaro, it’s the day of the independent worker turned Superstar; they have truly taken over in WWE. The same can most certainly be said of Styles and Rollins.

AJ Styles is WWE’s newest heel

But this is more than just Ring of Honor talents finding success in Vince McMahon’s world. This is WWE featuring the best of the best, and cementing itself as the premier place to work for the technically skilled pro wrestlers of the industry.

What better place for AJ Styles and Seth Rollins to ply their craft? Better yet, what better place for them to ply their craft together? This is a ready made gimmick, and a plausible partnership in every sense of the word. AJ and Seth have a lot in common, not the least of which is their individual commitments to excellence in the ring.

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Both men want to steal the show, and that’s exactly what they do. Fans tend to remember their matches long after they’ve gone back through the curtain, which is all any wrestler could ever ask for. Rollins has been the standard bearer for WWE since he cashed in and won the championship at WrestleMania 31. Styles has been the standard bearer in every company he’s ever performed in.

When these two come together, it will be nothing short of epic. They have a shared belief in being the best, but they also have common enemies in Cena and Reigns. Therein lays the real connection between these two and it’s that connection which will eventually bring them together.

Rollins is no fan of Cena’s and he definitely has no love for Roman. The same can be said of AJ, and though that may not be enough to immediately put them on the same side, it will be the link that puts them on the same path. 

Could The Club with Seth become as big as The Shield?

They will cross paths at some point, if only because Shane or Stephanie will eventually book them in a tag match on TV. Suddenly, the dream team of AJ Styles and Seth Rollins will become a reality and standing across the ring from them will be John Cena and Roman Reigns.

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It’s a tag match that will happen, and though it will appear as if it’s a one and done shot, the fact is that Rollins and Styles must continue working together. Their personalities will gel, their ring work will be on a level all its own, and their star power will be without equal.

They will dominate in every situation they find themselves in, as it could be that their two man team could quickly become a four man team. Doc Anderson and Luke Gallows are very much in this equation, because of their alliance with AJ. The Club may be just a smaller version of New Japan’s Bullet Club, but it is impressive nonetheless. If Seth Rollins is added however, then it would instantly explode like no other faction since The Shield.

Perhaps that is the ideal outcome for Rollins here. He was the architect of The Shield after all, and if anyone could automatically strengthen The Club and give them credibility, it’s him. The Club would become the most powerful group in WWE, and that would further brighten the spotlight that shines on both Rollins and Styles.

Despite how it happens, the fact is that AJ and Seth will meet on TV at some point. When that happens, WWE will have a unique opportunity to create a heel group that would be over from the jump, and that should not be ignored. It’s all about entertaining the crowd, and that would definitely be accomplished with the pairing of Styles and Rollins.

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