The top 5 big guy-little guy tag teams in WWE history

Fans would be glad if Enzo and Cass were utilized to their full potential
Pratyay Ghosh

Despite WWE’s lackadaisical treatment over its tag-team division over the years, fans have always and will forever love tag-team wrestling.

Tag-team wrestling brings a different dynamic to that part of the show, providing fast-paced action and a plethora of different combinations and possibilities. From the WWE’s inception the tag-team division has made countless starts, many of whom have later transitioned into very successful careers.

Tag-team wrestling is all about the chemistry between the partners and how their styles complement each other. Together they team has to be a cohesive unit, but individually each member has to bring something different to the table.

One of the most popular types of tag-team combinations is the big guy-little guy dynamic. Historically, they always tend to work well together. The small guy does the legwork at the beginning and takes the punishment while the big guy gets the hot-tag and comes in to clear house.

Over the years there have been quite a few great big guy-little guy teams. In this article I check out the best of the best over the years.

5: X-Pac and Kane

The Big Red Machine formed a formidable tag-team with X-Pac during the Attitude Era (Courtesy WWE)

Before I begin I just have to say that it’s a testament to Kane’s diversity that he’s the only one to appear on this list twice. Oh, spoiler alert.

During the boom period of the Attitude Era, X-Pac and Kane were monstrously over, no pun intended, with fans. They regularly came out to thunderous ovations from attending fans and managed to capture the Tag-Team Championships on two occasions. Their chemistry was unique, with the athletic little degenerate X-Pac being complemented by the monstrous Kane.

Kane and X-Pac won their first Championship together when they defeated Jeff Jarrett and the late Owen Hart in 1999. Later the same year, they defeated the APA to become two time Tag-Team Champions. Their tag-team imploded when X-Pac turned on Kane to rejoin DX.

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