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WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is undoubtedly the biggest pro-wrestling promotion in the world. Millions of fans worldwide tune in to watch the biggest of the stars give their all inside the squared circle every week.

While watching these wrestlers on television feels excellent, watching them live in action is an experience. Fans eagerly await to watch their favorite stars in front of them. The excitement and energy of a live WWE event are truly unmatched and every fan dreams of getting there sometime.

The promotion holds numerous events throughout the year. It includes the weekly shows (RAW, SmackDown, and NXT), the monthly Premium Live Events, the live events, and the house shows. One can watch it live from the stadium by purchasing the tickets, also known as WWE tickets.

Where to buy WWE tickets?

The tickets for WWE events can be bought via its official website and also from a number of third-party websites authorized by the promotion. One can browse online ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub, and so on to purchase official tickets.

Perhaps the most trusted source to buy tickets for any event is the WWE site itself. While the promotion seeks to ensure that no third party can dupe any customer in the name of the ticket, still many fans find it reliable to book tickets only from WWE’s official website.

Typical rates of WWE tickets

It must be kept in mind that the price of a ticket depends largely on the event, the venue, and the location of the seats. Generally, events with higher demand have more expensive rates than those events with comparatively lower demand. Likewise, the rates of seats in front of the ring are higher than those behind.

The average price of a typical WWE ticket for a RAW event is $115.00 but can be found for as low as $30.00 depending on the location of the seat. A fan can attend WWE SmackDown at almost similar rates to that of the red brand.

The rate of a huge PPV event like WrestleMania typically start from $119.00 and a ticket for a live event may be found for as low as $26.00 with an average price of around $68.00, as per

WWE Events with the highest attendance

WrestleMania 32April 3, 2016101,763
WrestleMania IIIMarch 29, 198793,173
WrestleMania 35April 7, 201982,265
WrestleMania 29April 7, 201380,676
SummerSlamAugust 29, 199280,355
WrestleMania 23April 1, 200780,103
WrestleMania 38 - Night 2April 3, 202278,453
WrestleMania XXVIIIApril 1, 201278,363
WrestleMania 34April 8, 201878,133
WrestleMania 38 - Night 1April 2, 202277,899

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