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WWE Top Five Rumors of the Week and Analysis: May 1, 2017

Paul Heyman's new client, a wild rumour about Jeff Hardy, plans for Backlash and more.

Heyman to get a new client?

Payback garnered positive reviews from the WWE Universe. The pay-per-view excelled in several ways, and WWE has now shifted its focus to Backlash. Throughout the week that went by, Payback was the major topic of discussion among the fans. Whispers about the pay-per-view dominated the rumour mill, and some turned out to be true.

Apart from theories about Payback, several other talking points were also discussed in fan circles.

There were rumours about the current favourite to win Money in the Bank, a potential new client for Paul Heyman and the future of Jinder Mahal. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the most noteworthy rumours from the week that went by.

#5 Baron Corbin to win Money in the Bank


The Rumour: Cageside Seats is reporting that Baron Corbin is the early favourite to win Money in the Bank this year.

The Potential: Earlier, it was reported that WWE was planning a huge push for Corbin. Considering the manner in which The Lone Wolf has been booked, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he got his hands on the elusive briefcase. Vince McMahon intends to make the former NFL player a main eventer, and a victory at Money in the Bank will put him on the fast track. 

The Fallout: If WWE lets Corbin win the MITB briefcase, he will get hold of the WWE championship. The SmackDown roster’s lack of depth is no secret, and it is imperative that the Lone Wolf establishes himself as a top heel.

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