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WWE Tough Enough Recap - August 4th 2015

Ranga Bharath
595   //    05 Aug 2015, 20:48 IST
Chelsea Green was eliminated this week

On this week’s WWE Tough EnoughChelsea Green was the contestant to be eliminated. Giorgia, Chelsea and Sara Lee were the bottom three this week. Giorgia had got the least number of votes, with only 22%, but Paige used her “save” option on her. So Chelsea was voted off as she had got 25% votes and Sara Lee remained safe as she got 53%.

Below are the full highlights of the show that took place on 4th August:

This week’s show starts off with a look back at last week’s first save to keep Amanda in the contest, but as a result, Mada was eliminated.

We are at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and your hosts are Chris Jericho and Renee Young.

We see the seven finalists on the stage and Chris mentions Mada’s elimination last week. Renee wonders who will be gone this week.

Chris introduces us to the judges, Daniel Bryan, Paige, and The Miz.

Renee asks the judges for comments. Miz says that Amanda made him the most hated by saving her. Paige says she is looking forward to seeing what Josh does. Paige says Giorgia has been doing well, but she has been on cruise control. Miz tells Tanner that he needs to show more charisma. Daniel tells ZZ that he hopes that he picks it up. Miz says that he would like to see what Sara is all about.

We go back to the barracks and everyone is in the living room area and they talk about how no one is safe. Giorgia says she was shocked that Amanda was saved. Amanda says she was happy that Miz saw the potential in her, but Chelsea says it was not potential he was seeing.

Chelsea asks Amanda if she was annoyed at Miz’ comments. Amanda says she was not upset about Miz’ comments. If her looks get her to the top, she has no problem.

ZZ says that people think he should not be here, but he belongs here.

Tanner says that ZZ is his competition and he is not trying.

Tanner says that ZZ is not showing anything substance. He needs to do more than get people to laugh at him.

ZZ says that Josh and Tanner do not respect him as a man. ZZ tells Josh and Tanner that he is tired of them. All of them want him gone, so to treat him like he is gone.

It is time for the next challenge and they are in the ring.

Lita mentions that the theme for this week is teamwork. You need to work as a unit in front of the crowd.

We see everyone in the ring. Tanner says they added some cardio. Giorgia says they are being pushed hard.

Billy yells at ZZ for his poor cardio and he wants ZZ to say that he is going to quit. ZZ says he will not quit. Billy tells ZZ that 20 minutes in you are going to be tired.

We see Jason Jordan in the ring as he gives everyone hip tosses and they are impressed with Sara. ZZ is sent out of the ring again. Giorgia says it is embarrassing.

Billy and Booker show how they do a hip toss.

Billy tells everyone they need to work well as a team. He does not care where it comes from, but you need to work together.

Tanner says he is worried about working with ZZ.

Tanner and ZZ go first. Tanner has trouble with ZZ because ZZ is having trouble. Tanner says that he is happy that ZZ did not drop him on his head when he slammed him.

Sara and Giorgia are next. Giorgia complains about the way that Sara was slamming her in the ring. Lita says some of the things they did were dangerous. Giorgia says that she thinks Sara may have paralyzed her. Sara says that Giorgia is being a brat.

Amanda and Chelsea go. Amanda says that Chelsea is distracting with her actions and gestures. Amanda says that they are not being a team. Chelsea says that she did not think she was having trouble with her selling, but the coaches notice that they are not on the same page.

Tanner and Josh are last and Booker tries to find something to complain about.

Lita comments on the girls and she tells Amanda not to take off. Booker says Giorgia has been coasting and has fallen back. Booker says that he thought he saw something from Sara, but then she had trouble.

Booker praises Josh and Tanner, especially Josh. Billy tells ZZ he needs to step up and he needs to do something about his cardio.

ZZ says that he is like an alligator and

Billy says Josh and Tanner was the best pairing and ZZ and Tanner was the worst.

ZZ says that the way he is, he needs a five to ten minute break while training.

Paige was impressed with Giorgia, but she did not like that Sara did not apologize for almost slamming Giorgia on her head.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are back at Full Sail as Renee reminds us of the rules for elimination.

It is back to the barracks and Josh and Tanner are playing pool. Josh says that Tanner has no game and he reminds us about the hot tub situation with Chelsea. Josh says they might be competing for a contract, but he wants to help him out.

Josh has Tanner use him as an example. If anyone walked into the room at that time, there would be some major confusion going on.

Josh tells Tanner he got him flustered. Josh says that it looked like Tanner enjoyed it too much.

Giorgia is talking to Sara and she says that she is looking out for her safety and was worried being in the ring with Sara. She says she doesn’t know what is coming next. Giorgia asks what would have happened if her neck was broken. Sara says if it was that bad, they would have stopped her.

Giorgia says that Sara thinks she is doing better than she is. They argue about whether Giorgia would be able to make it out of the bottom three if she makes it.

They are in the gym training and ZZ says that he is an outdoors guy but he needs to train in the gym. Josh tells ZZ that this is his life right now. Everything he does relates to the ring.

We go to Valencia University and they are with the Orange County Fire Rescue.

The Prime Time Players arrive on the fire trucks.

Titus says everything they do is about teamwork. Everyone is working to make the WWE product the best.

They are split into two teams and they are going to put out the fire inside and save the victim inside.

They have one person to help out each team.

The first team is ZZ, Chelsea, Amanda, and Tanner.

ZZ mentions that he was a volunteer fireman.

Chelsea mentions that with the oxygen masks, it can get claustrophobic.

They get the fire out and then Chelsea says that she fell on top of the victim. They finish in 12:02

The next team Josh, Sara, and Giorgia start and the coaches complain that Josh is doing everything.

They put out the fire and they get the victim out in 14:49.

Giorgia says that Josh did most of the work.

Booker and Billy remind everyone about teamwork.

Billy says that Team 1 is the winner.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are at the barracks.

Josh talks to Tanner and ZZ and he mentions that ZZ did well with the challenge, but did not do well in the ring. Josh asks ZZ if he thinks he is going to be in the bottom three.

Tanner says that ZZ has done a good job getting out of the bottom three.

ZZ says he wants the best man to win.

Amanda and Chelsea says she thought they could work well together in the challenge, but Amanda says that Chelsea made them look bad in the ring. Amanda says that Chelsea threw her off in the ring with her selling. She asks Chelsea if she is trying to sabotage her. Chelsea says that is the way she is and she is doing her job and not trying to show off.

Chelsea says that she is going to work with her but try to win. Amanda reminds Chelsea about what the judges said. Chelsea says that Amanda sucks in the ring and Amanda says that Chelsea is not as good looking as her.

ZZ wants a pillow fight and he gets something thrown at him for his comment.

Paige says that all of the girls are trying to sabotage each other while the guys are working together.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the judges to interrogate the contestants.

Miz tells Amanda not to have what he said to her last week got to her head and it did. He puts her in the bottom three.

Daniel asks Josh why did he try to help ZZ. Josh says that it is the father in him who is trying to help out. Miz asks Josh if ZZ is working out for the camera. Josh says he was doing the business type thing to help him along and it might be time to chop it off.

Chris asks ZZ if he is training and he says he lost 8 pounds. He says he did not know the type of physicality needed in the WWE. Miz asks ZZ what he did today in the gym.

Paige says she is not impressed with Chelsea and she tells Paige that she is better than her. She says that Chelsea did not listen to the judges.

Daniel says he was taken aback and did not think the slam was so dangerous but that Giorgia should have said you were sorry. Daniel says that as someone who has suffered numbness in both arms and has been dropped on his head, he does not appreciate the way that Giorgia talks.

Time for a commercial.

The show is back and it is time to find out the three up for elimination.

Daniel says he has to put Giorgia up for overreacting. If that she is going to be worried about being paralyzed, then she deserves to be up for elimination.

Paige puts Sara up for elimination. She tells Sara that not apologizing is completely wrong. She yells at Sara for not showing compassion for what she did.

Sara apologizes to Giorgia. She admits she is a little sloppy and she is learning. She would not hurt anyone intentionally. She is here to improve every week.

Giorgia says she needs to be here. She needs this more than anything in her life. She represents Australia, the UK, and Italy. She is here for every girl who is too shy. She says one needs to go out and pursue their dreams.

Chelsea says she did not come here to figure out if this is for her. She came her to win because she loves sports entertainment. She will give 110 percent even if they say no until she gets into the WWE. She was given a second chance and she is going to prove it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the vote continues.

Chris asks ZZ how it feels to not be in the bottom three. He says Giorgia needs to go. Tanner says Sara goes home. Josh says Sara should go.

Chris decides not to ask Amanda.

It is time to find out if the judges will use their save.

Daniel says he will not use the save.

Paige uses her save on Giorgia.

The votes are in and Chelsea is eliminated, but Giorgia would have been eliminated with the fewest votes.

Renee asks Chelsea what went wrong. She says that she is not going to quit, that it will not stop her. Renee asks who should win of the girls and she says Giorgia should be the one to win.

Source: dailywrestlingnews

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