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WWE WrestleMania 35: 5 Reasons why Vince McMahon still wants Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

Riju Dasgupta
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Why is the boss so kicked about this underwhelming match?
Why is the boss so kicked about this underwhelming match?

So, this is the rumour that's doing the rounds currently. Kurt Angle has the ability to choose every single opponent on his farewell tour except his WrestleMania opponent. That decision is set in stone by the boss. Kurt Angle's final opponent will be Baron Corbin.

The backlash to the decision to book this match has been tremendous. Nobody wants to see Kurt Angle end his career in a match against Baron Corbin. People have gone to the extent of saying that they'll stop watching WWE henceforth if this match does actually take place.

But why is Vince McMahon so hell-bent on the contest? While you can call him senile and out of touch, he's a self-made billionaire and I'm certain that he has his reasons for the same.

Let me try and gauge his mind and thought-process in this article.

#5 The negative backlash is actually building heat

Kurt Angle and Chad Gable locked horns during an episode of WWE RAW a few weeks ago. While it had been billed as a dream match for many fans, there was hardly any build or anticipation for the contest. The match was what it was. People were generally appreciative but nobody in the room seemed to care for the match, quite honestly.

Vince McMahon likes it when you feel strongly about two men or women clashing. And because everyone seems to be talking about the Angle-Corbin match, even if it's in a negative light, WWE does not see a problem. The amount of heat that is being generated is actually publicity for the said match.

When you actually look at the match per se, it will not really be all that bad, will it? Corbin is a decent hand in the ring and Angle is one of the greats.

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