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WWE's 5 biggest mistakes of 2016...so far

Looking back at the biggest hiccups of the year, so far!

Someone is feeding Vince some bad advice!

2016 has been a year of transition for the WWE. The company has all but completely undergone a total overhaul this year and the experimental ventures seem to continue. Like any successful company, changes are a necessary part of everyday business and those changes have been aplenty this year. Some changes have been questionable at best, while some have come along at the perfect time. For instance, this year was a prime year to go forward with a brand-split. Smackdown was seemingly struggling to get anywhere at all and Raw had appeared to get into a stagnant phase of sorts. So with that in mind, the idea was to revamp the entire television experience and insert some new blood into an old body, so to speak. 

It appears that the roster split was indeed a great move, or at least it's working so far. But with every positive change made, there's bound to be some hiccups along the way. That's what brings us to the focus of this column. Today we take a look at the biggest mistakes WWE has made in 2016, thus far. 

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