3 AEW rumors we hope are true and 2 we hope aren't: Debut plans for Bray Wyatt scrapped, Kenny Omega's return date revealed, and more

Kenny Omega (left) and Bray Wyatt (right)
Kenny Omega (left) and Bray Wyatt (right)

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of AEW rumors that we hope are true and those we hope aren't.

With Full Gear pay-per-view now in the history books, the fallout has got wrestling fans talking about the swirling rumors on the internet. As the free-agent list continues to expand every then and now, a top-notch name from NJPW could wrestle at Tony Khan's promotion.

We came across multiple reports this week suggesting a return date for Kenny Omega. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt's next potential move remains a widely discussed topic as well.

That said, let's dive into detail about these rumor stories and whether they should turn true or not.

#5 Hope is true: AEW had plans to bring in Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is All Elite #AEW #AEWFullGear

Bray Wyatt's next wrestling destination has become one of the hottest topics in pro wrestling today. He recently completed his 90-day non-compete clause and has now officially become a free agent.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio recently reported that plans were in place for Wyatt to show up on AEW programming at one point. But those plans were nixed for reasons still unknown yet.

Although the reported ideas falling apart isn't good news, we hope this rumor is true. Given that Tony Khan has often denied having any talks with the former Universal Champion in multiple interviews, the above report suggests otherwise.

If there was internal talk about signing Bray Wyatt, it could be possible that AEW's higher-ups might have reached out to him. Despite the initial plans not working out, Khan could still bring in Wyatt, especially now that he has admitted his interest in signing the ex-WWE star.

#4 Hope isn't true: Kenny Omega is expected to return after February next year

The Cleaner might be out for quite some time according to these rumors...

It's no secret that Kenny Omega is suffering from multiple injuries that include abdominal hernia and vertigo, as well as issues in the shoulder and knees. He would be required to undergo various surgeries to heal them up.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that The Cleaner may not return to AEW programming until February next year. His AAA Mega Championship defense against El Hijo Del Vikingo is reportedly off the table next month.

We hope the reported timeline for his comeback has no credibility simply because he deserves a much-longer time off from the in-ring competition. After carrying the AEW men's division on his back for almost a year, there's no doubt that Kenny Omega's body is banged up.

Given that he is only 38-years old, he can have a much-longer pro wrestling career if he gives timely rest to his body. Even All Elite Wrestling must grant him as much time as he wants to be healthy again.

#3 Hope isn't true: AEW star Darby Allin's long-term feud with Billy Gunn

After a couple of coffin drops and after enduring a lot of tossing around by Billy Gunn, Darby Allin picks up the win!Him and the icon Sting get a beatdown from the Gunn Club#AEWRampage

This past week on AEW Rampage, Darby Allin defeated Billy Gunn in what appeared to be a 'one-off' thing. However, the feud could be far from over if the reports circulating are any indication.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that the company is planning to build a long-term feud between Allin and Gunn:

“They are going to build a program around them, but whatever, let’s see how it goes.” Meltzer continued, "Not giving much hope to fans who wanted Allin to move up the rankings, rather than down to Dark or Elevation levels of a feud."

We hope this said rumor doesn't turn out to be true. Darby Allin is amongst the promotion's top four pillars and deserves a high-profile booking instead of being pitted in a long-running rivalry against a star who's well past his prime.

There's no doubt that Billy Gunn is a well-known veteran, but it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that he's not going to elevate Allin at all. All Elite Wrestling could have renewed the feud between MJF and Allin, especially knowing how captivating it was.

#2 Hope is true: AEW could open the forbidden door for Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi

i know alot of people want okada to fight kenny omega and people like that..... but i want Jon Moxley vs Kazuchika Okada!#AEWDynamite #AEW #NJPW

The forbidden door during the pandemic era has turned fantasy warfare into a reality. It looks like Tony Khan's promotion will continue to open its doors for two NJPW stars.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi could end up competing on AEW programming down the road. Meltzer noted that there's a significance behind the company mentioning their names on television quite often these days:

"I mean it's possible. My impression [is that] Okada’s gonna be in AEW soon because they kept mentioning his name. Tanahashi, obviously - they shot the beginning of the angle with Moxley. I mean that was a long term goal to do that match. So I expect it to happen at some point," said Dave Meltzer.

We hope this rumor is true since Okada and Tanahashi are considered two of the best in-ring performers in pro wrestling today. Given how AEW primarily targets die-hard wrestling fans, it would be in their best interest to bring these NJPW stars.

The company initially wanted to book Jon Moxley against Tanahashi, but the latter's working schedule prevented the match from materializing. But the said bout could take place whenever Moxley makes his return.

Moreover, the possibility of seeing a renewed rivalry between Okada and Omega next year would send fans into a frenzy.

#1 Hope is true: AEW's locker room 'high' morale following Full Gear

#AEWFullGear was one of the biggest events in #AEW history! @BleacherReport has a replay stream of Full Gear NOW + the Full Gear replay is now also available for US fans to purchase on @FiteTV!

The recently concluded AEW Full Gear pay-per-view turned out to be one of the most successful events the company has produced this year.

From a close source, Andrew Zarian of Mat Men's podcast reported that the morale is very high in the locker room. He noted that higher-ups are extremely happy with how the 'investments' they have made in elevating homegrown talent are now seemingly paying off:

"Spoke to someone within AEW last night regarding the PPV. Morale is very high with the locker room. The investment AEW has made in its future stars is paying dividends," said Zarian.

We hope this rumor is true as it suggests a positive backstage environment in AEW. On top of that, it speaks volumes about the company's faith in their homegrown talents like MJF, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, and Jungle Boy, who all featured in high-profile matches on the show.

One of the key highlights of Full Gear occurred during the main event where Hangman Page defeated Kenny Omega for the World Championship. Regardless of Tony Khan bringing in multiple ex-WWE talents, there's no denying that All Elite Wrestling is looking to build its future with its home-grown talent.

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