5 AEW stars who are close to Triple H

Triple H is well respected in the wrestling industry
Triple H is well respected in the wrestling industry

Triple H’s WWE NXT brand had a good rivalry with AEW for several weeks before the brand moved to a different night. Wednesday Night Wars was something fans were looking forward to, and many AEW fans believe their brand won the war.

Over the past several months, WWE has released several superstars from NXT and the main roster. Meanwhile, many wrestlers have willingly decided to leave the company to do something different.

Many of WWE’s former superstars have ended up on AEW in recent months. However, many of these stars have a lot of respect for WWE’s COO, Triple H. Hunter helped build many superstars’ careers in NXT, and they have a lot of good things to say about him.

He has also looked to take care of many former superstars behind the scenes; even after they left for AEW. With that in mind, take a look at the 5 AEW stars who are close to Triple H.

#5. AEW veteran Matt Hardy has praised Triple H

Matt Hardy and Triple H had some good matches in WWE before the former made the move to AEW. At WrestleMania 33, fans got the biggest surprise when The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE.

Matt opened up about how things went down before WrestleMania 33. He explained in detail the role Triple H played in his return.

"Once we got that call, I spoke with Michael Hayes, who has been a huge influence in the career of myself and my brother, so we spoke with him initially and then I pretty much dealt one-on-one with Triple H the whole while dealing with the process of coming back to the company.
"And I can't say enough good things about Triple H and how amazing he was to work with then, and how he great has been since then," Hardy lauded. "Being there, just working with him back and forth, he's been an amazing advocate for me.
"If there is something I need, some help or I need to make a tweak in something, he's been there. Just so successful and so great on so many levels – I can't say enough good things about Triple H and his help since we've returned."

The AEW star has had a lot of good things to say about Hunter and his relationship with him. He believed Triple H was the man who helped him get back and achieve so much more in WWE before he made the move to AEW.

#4. Triple H and AEW star Malakai Black have a good relationship

Former WWE NXT Champion Malakai Black was seen as a top star by Triple H during his time in the company. His move to the main roster didn't go well, and he was released abruptly.

Black is now trying to make his way to the top of AEW. However, he's a former WWE Superstar who has a good relationship with Triple H.

The Striking Man from Amsterdam has praised Triple H’s work and vision on several occasions. In addition, Zelina Vega has spoken about the time when she informed Triple H and Stephanie McMahon about their wedding.

“There were a few people that we had to tell. Obviously, like, this person didn't do it, but we were excited to tell, like, Triple H and Stephanie because they're like, we look to them as parents.”
“I remember when I first told Hunter, he was like, 'Wait, you guys are together?' I was like, 'Yeah, we're getting married.' He was like, 'Wait? So you and Andrade...' He was so confused.
“I was like, 'No, that's just the storyline.' He said, 'Well, you fooled me. My babies are getting married; this is so cool.' He was so happy and so supportive.”

Vega revealed that she and Black were like Triple H and Stephanie’s "babies". Black also spoke about his relationship with Hunter and how he believed in him.

“The good thing about what Hunter did, or as I call him, ‘Boss,’ he believed in me and he never tried to change me,” said Black. “He told me, ‘I signed you for you. Don’t be something you’re not. Never forget that.’”

Black is just getting started in AEW. He could've been the future of WWE, but his career has taken a surprising turn that can work for his betterment.

#3. AEW star Adam Cole is close to Triple H

Adam Cole had a fantastic career on Triple H’s brand before moving to AEW. Cole was known as a cornerstone of WWE NXT, and, for a long time, it looked like he’d never leave the faction.

The two-time NXT Champion has always had good things to say about Triple H. While speaking on Busted Open Radio, the AEW star said he had some amazing experiences in WWE. He was especially pleased to get the opportunity to work with Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

“I am so thankful for those four years. Again, when I was nine years old, my dream was to work for the WWE, and I got to do that for four years. I had so many amazing experiences, you know, I got to work alongside Shawn Michaels for four years, and develop a wonderful relationship with him, I mean, that was one of the absolute highlights of my time there. Again, Triple H was wonderful, that locker room was wonderful, those fans were wonderful. I learned so much there, and I got so many really cool experiences. So there’s not even a small part of me that was angry or upset in any way with the WWE. I had a really, really wonderful time, and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world,” said Adam Cole.

Triple H was the man who gave Cole several opportunities on NXT. Even though Cole has joined AEW, it looks like he will stay close to Hunter in the years to come.

#2. Triple H has shown concern for Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley

AEW star Jon Moxley had a few matches on Triple H’s WWE NXT before moving to the main roster. He joined Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to form one of the greatest factions in WWE history, The Shield.

Moxley left WWE in 2019 after being unhappy with the creative team. He also suffered an injury the same year and Triple H showed concern for the former AEW World Champion.

Renee Paquette, Moxley’s real-life wife, revealed that Triple H offered to help her husband after he suffered an injury in 2019.

“Even when Jon left, there was times that Hunter [Triple H] pulled me aside because Jon was injured when he came back from New Japan,” Paquette said. “Hunter kept checking in to make sure that Jon was okay. If he needed anything, they [WWE] would have been able to help him in any kind of capacity.
“So it was nice to know that that olive branch was still extended and it wasn’t that heat-seeking thing that everybody thinks that it is. We’ve all spent so much time together and nothing bad went down.”

Even though Moxley left WWE on a bad note and joined AEW, Triple H showed his concern for his former employee. Renee revealed that the two parties had no bad blood during her interview.

The AEW star has spoken about how he believes Triple H is a better option to run WWE than Vince McMahon.

#1. Triple H and Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho were once bitter enemies

There aren’t many men who are more well-known and respected than Chris Jericho and Triple H in AEW and WWE, respectively. While Triple H has taken a break from the ring, Jericho is still pushing ahead as one of the top wrestlers in AEW.

Over the years, Jericho and The Game have had several big rivalries and matches. Many people backstage have pointed out that the two men had real-life heat between them.

In a recent interview, Y2J cleared the air about his relationship with Triple H and said that the two were simply professional rivals before.

“I think there were guys, in the past, that I had issues with. I mean Triple H is one of them. He’ll tell you the same. In the early 2000s, we didn’t have much [likeness] for each other, but we always had great matches, and I think that’s one of the reasons why.
“We just had this professional rivalry, maybe a bit of a personal dislike [for each other]. But fast forward five, six, seven years, you get to be older and wiser and think back. Why did we have so many problems? Why did we hate each other? Why didn’t we like each other? And now we’re friends.”

Jericho noted that both men were older and wiser and are friends now. While both men are currently working for rival companies, it's good to see that the veterans are close to each other behind the scenes.

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