5 female stars AEW can sign to bolster their women's division

Ruby Soho is one of the bigger WWE releases of this year that can make an impact in AEW.
Ruby Soho is one of the bigger WWE releases of this year that can make an impact in AEW.
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AEW has been creating a lot of buzz for its recent acquisitions and reports of upcoming major signings. With the likes of Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black coming into the company, it has become very viable for released WWE talent to find a home in All Elite Wrestling.

There have been recent reports suggesting that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan may be making a big move over to AEW in the next few months. However, the promotion does also need help in the surging women's division. The ladies of All Elite Wrestling have seen varying amounts of success since the company's inception.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., is the current AEW Women's World Champion and a bonafide superstar in the industry. Thunder Rosa has officially signed with the promotion and has cultivated an aura of excellence around her work. However, not all the women in the company have been given a chance to showcase their talents, with some fans saying that they don't have enough women on their roster.

This begs the question of who the promotion could bring in to further push forward the women's division. In this article, let's take a look at the five female stars AEW can sign to bolster their women's division.

#5 Santana Garrett - AEW

The AEW women's division has seen a lot of improvement since day 1 of the promotion. A lot of that has come down to key veterans coming in to help flesh out the batch of talent. Serena Deeb has come in and produced critically acclaimed bouts against the likes of Thunder Rosa and Riho that have made her stand out among the best in-ring technicians regardless of gender.

AEW would be hard-pressed to find another veteran as experienced as Santana Garrett. The former WWE superstar was under-utilized in her run with the promotion. In addition to short matches in NXT and appearances in the Women's Royal Rumble, Garrett was never given a true chance to flourish in the biggest promotion in wrestling.

Santana Garrett is a former NWA Women's World Champion and WOW Champion. She has appeared for many different promotions around the world from Japan to the UK. It is a shame that WWE could never find a true role for her, but their loss could be AEW's gain. With All Elite Wrestling about to premiere Rampage, they will have plenty of TV time to bring in a talent of her caliber.

#4 Kiera Hogan - AEW

The women's roster for AEW has a few charismatic characters that bring personality to their television. The aforementioned Britt Baker is at the top of that list, but there is also Jade Cargill and Big Swole that have a certain IT-factor to them. The company should always be looking for more of this to have a diverse division.

Kiera Hogan has stood out during her time at IMPACT Wrestling. Her tag team with Tasha Steelz as Fire 'N Flava has become staples of the rebirth of the Knockouts Tag Team division.

The team has already won the gold on two occasions this year. In a recent Only Fans post, Hogan has revealed that she has finished up her run with IMPACT Wrestling.

With one door closing, another may be opening. It seems like an ideal time for AEW to look towards Kiera Hogan. She has plenty of friends in the promotion as well as her fiance Diamante, who has appeared on AEW Dark over the past year. Here are some cool angles for the promotion to explore to bring in this charming individual.

Diamante has created a rivalry with Big Swole on AEW Dark that has gone on for a few weeks. Swole has been associated with Red Velvet and KiLynn King over the last few months.

If Diamante feels outnumbered, she could call on her real-life tag team partner to even the odds and battle with Swole's crew. This would be an intriguing feud that involves multiple members of the roster outside the title picture.

#3 Ruby Soho - AEW

Diversity is definitely needed for the AEW women's division. Ladies with different looks help make every competitor identifiable and make their own mark for the company. Looking at the most recent WWE releases, Ruby Riott, now known as Ruby Soho, is one individual who stands out for her look alone.

The former WWE superstar is extremely talented in many ways. She has worked well in the ring with a multitude of performers, can talk on the mic and has an alternative look that immediately catches wrestling fans' eyes.

Ruby Soho was the leader of the Riott Squad and appeared on many pay-per-views, but she was also among the most underrated wrestlers on the WWE roster before her release.

Ruby's tag team with Liv Morgan never fully lived up to their potential. Despite being one of the only genuine tag teams on the roster, the two women were never given a run with the Women's Tag Team Titles. Now on her own, she can find a new home in AEW, potentially given the opportunities that she was never afforded in WWE.

Many fans have speculated that Ruby Soho should be at the top of the list of future signings for AEW. Due to her 90-day non compete clause coming up on August 31st, All Out 2021 will be the perfect stage for her arrival in the company.

With AEW is planning to do a Casino Battle Royale for the women, Ruby seems like a shoe-in to be an exciting Joker card in that contest. Time will tell.

#2 Tessa Blanchard - AEW

One name that has consistently been brought up to potentially be signed by AEW over the past year has been Tessa Blanchard. The former IMPACT World Champion has been a controversial figure in the wrestling world since her high profile falling out with IMPACT Wrestling. She has not made the best reputation for herself throughout her career.

Tessa Blanchard found herself in the headlines prior to winning the top prize in IMPACT Wrestling after allegations of past racial slurs said by her came out with multiple wrestlers validating the claim. IMPACT continued the course with Tessa winning their top title. However, she refused to appear and work with the company during the pandemic, which led to her release there.

Blanchard has also had issues with attitude problems in the locker room throughout her career, especially during her brief stints in WWE. This has led to AEW being apprehensive about signing the former Knockouts Champion.

Despite all of these problems, Tessa Blanchard's talent is undeniable. She is still considered one of the best in-ring workers regardless of gender to many fans.

Blanchard is known as a diamond in the business. She has a distinct combination of strength, speed and precision. Her crispness in the ring is exceptional and would be a benefit to whomever she meets in AEW. Tessa's experience around the world makes her a versatile performer that would have to be considered at the top of any women's division.

Tessa also has connections within AEW. Of course, her father Tully Blanchard is a member of the roster with his managerial role for The Pinnacle. She is also very close friends with Brian Cage.

Blanchard was also part of the "All In" event back in 2018. If Tessa can show that she has changed, it would be a game-changing signing for All Elite Wrestling to acquire a performer as skilled as she is.

#1 AJ Lee - AEW

CM Punk's potential return to wrestling for AEW has captured the imagination of fans around the world. With the former WWE superstar returning after seven years, it opens up a world of possibilities. There are dream matches that many people would love to see, but there is also an opportunity for someone very close to Punk to make her return to the business.

AJ Lee, also known as AJ Mendez, is a legend in the business. Despite a short run with WWE, there might not be a more important women's wrestler than AJ over the past decade. Her time in WWE helped elevate the entire women's division and begged the company to give the ladies more. She was a ratings draw and created a different image for women in the Divas era.

Despite a record-breaking reign as Divas Champion and winning the title on three occasions, AJ Lee left the promotion shortly after her husband CM Punk's departure from WWE. The company infamously sent Punk his release papers on his and AJ's wedding day, which may have burnt the bridge for Lee to return later down the road. Things could change with Punk heading to AEW though.

AJ Lee went on to succeed as an author for her memoir, "Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules", which made it to #10 on The New York Times Best Sellers list. Her in-ring and post-wrestling success would make an arrival in AEW transformative for the women's division in many ways.

Lee's character work was often heralded during her career. Her protrayal of a mentally unstable woman was deeply compelling and set her apart from everyone on the WWE roster. She would be greatly beneficial to the young women in AEW who could learn how to differentiate their character to stand out more. There are also many dream matches to promote with her return to wrestling.

AJ Lee against the likes of Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa and Nyla Rose each have their own appeal and would engage fans of women's wrestling. Younger stars like Jade Cargill and Red Velvet would be honored to get in the ring with a legend such as her as well. For these reasons, AJ Lee would be the best female star AEW can sign to bolster their fledging women's division.

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